Bonchon Menu Price List Philippines

Bonchon has become a household name in the global restaurant scene, offering a unique blend of Korean-inspired cuisine that has won over the hearts and taste buds of foodies all around the world. From its humble beginnings in Busan, South Korea in 2002, Bonchon has grown into a global franchise with over 300 locations across ten countries, including the Philippines.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the Bonchon menu price List Philippines, as well as delve into the brand’s history and evolution to help you better appreciate the flavors and culture that make Bonchon a favorite among Filipinos.

This Korean-style fried chicken restaurant chain company has become a popular destination for those who are looking for a delicious and unique dining experience.

Bonchon Menu Price List Philippines
Bonchon Menu

Bonchon Menu Price List Philippines(₱) Updated

K-Style Meal

ItemPrice (PHP)
1pc Chicken Boxed Meal₱123
1pc Chicken with Chapchae Boxed Meal₱220
1pc Chicken with Fries Boxed Meal₱149
2pc Chicken Boxed Meal₱213
3pc Chicken Boxed Meal₱296
4pc. Chikin Chops Rack₱549
Chicken Rack₱263
Chikin Chops Meal with Kimchi Coleslaw₱242
Chikin Chops Ricebox₱204
Triple Sampler Rack₱505

Klassic Fried Chicken

ItemPrice (PHP)
1pc. Klassic Fried Chikin₱123
2pcs. Klassic Fried Chikin₱213
K-Chikin Sampler Rack₱505
Klassik Fried Chikin Rack₱263
Team Bonchon K-Chickin Sampler₱659
Team Bonchon Klassic Fried Chikin₱659

New Products

ItemPrice (PHP)
3pc Chicken Boxed Meal₱296
Chikin Snackwich with Fries & Drink₱147
Crispy Crepe₱78
Triple Sampler Group Meal₱615
Triple Sampler Rack₱505

Rice Bowls/ Bibimbowl

ItemPrice (PHP)
Bap Bowls₱147
Breakfast Bibimbowl₱129
Fiery Spice Bibimbowl₱129
Fiery Spice Bibimbowl Meal w/ Soup₱217
Loaded Bibimbowl₱220
Loaded Bibimbowl w/ Soup₱265
Original Bibimbowl₱129
Original Bibimbowl Meal w/ Soup₱217

Mandu Meals

ItemPrice (PHP)
1pc Chicken with 4pc Mandu Meal₱187
4pc Mandu w/ Rice, Half Chapchae, and Drink₱176
4pc Mandu with Korean Fried Rice and Drink₱143
6pc Mandu with Rice and Drink₱143

Beef Meals

ItemPrice (PHP)
Beef Bulgogi Meal₱210
Beef Stew Meal₱225
Spicy Beef Stew Meal₱226

Seafood Meals

ItemPrice (PHP)
3pcs. Crispy Fish Meal₱213
Fish & Chips Boxed Meal₱220
Seafood Chapchae Boxed Meal₱220
Seafood Platter₱514
Seafood Rack₱138
Shrimp Boxed Meal₱220
Squid Boxed Meal₱220


ItemPrice (PHP)
Beef Bulgogi Sandwich with Fries & Drink₱140
Chicken Poers₱100
Chicken Poppers with Fries & Drink₱210
Chikin Chops Sandwich₱198
Chikin Chops Sandwich Meal₱242
Chikin Snackwich₱77
Chikin Snackwich with Fries & Drink₱147
Snackwich Group Meal₱395
Spicy Deluxe Sandwich₱209
Spicy Deluxe Sandwich Meal₱253

Group Meals

ItemPrice (PHP)
Team BonChon Chicken₱659
Team BonChon Chops for 3₱765
Team BonChon Fish & Chix₱549
Team BonChon Seafood Good for 4₱879
Triple Sampler Group Meal₱615

Party Platters

ItemPrice (PHP)
Beef Bulgogi Platter₱677
Bibimbowl Platter (KFR & Mandu)₱1062
Bibimbowl Platter Original₱1062
Chaphae Platter₱284
Chicken Platter₱505
Korean Fried Rice Platter₱218
Mandu Platter₱193
Seafood Platter₱515


ItemPrice (PHP)
Bulgogi Noodle Soup₱77
Flavored Fries₱57
Korean Fried Rice₱47
Mandu 4pcs₱66
YangNyeom Dip₱22


ItemPrice (PHP)
Chocolate Bingsu₱122
Chocolate Brownie Milky Kreme₱66
Crispy Crepe₱78
Mango Bingsu₱122
Mango Cheese Cake Milky Kreme₱66
Strawberry Oreo Bingsu₱122
Strawberry Oreo Milky Kreme₱66


ItemPrice (PHP)
1 Liter Premium Iced Tea₱120
Iced Tea₱61
Mountain Dew₱61
Mug Rootbeer₱61
Pineapple Juice₱61

Bonchon Best Seller Food Items

Bonchon, the Korean-style fried chicken restaurant chain, is renowned for its unique blend of Korean-inspired cuisine, which has won the hearts of foodies around the world. With a wide range of dishes to choose from, there are some items that stand out as the most popular among Bonchon’s customers.

  • 2pc Chicken Boxed Meal – A classic dish that features two pieces of juicy, crispy chicken with a side of rice and a drink, this meal is a favorite of many Bonchon fans.
2pc Chicken Boxed Meal
  • Klassik Fried Chikin Rack – For those who can’t get enough of the crispy goodness, the Klassik Fried Chikin Rack is a must-try. This dish features a full rack of succulent chicken that is perfectly seasoned and fried to perfection.
Klassik Fried Chikin Rack
  • K-Chikin Sampler Rack – If you want to sample a variety of flavors, the K-Chikin Sampler Rack is an excellent choice. It offers a selection of Bonchon’s signature chicken flavors: Soy Garlic, Spicy, and Honey Citrus.
K-Chikin Sampler Rack
  • Fiery Spice Bibimbowl – For those who crave a bit of spice, the Fiery Spice Bibimbowl delivers a punch of heat with a hearty mix of vegetables, rice, and your choice of protein.
Fiery Spice Bibimbowl
  • Shrimp Boxed Meal – Finally, for seafood lovers, the Shrimp Boxed Meal is a standout. It features crispy fried shrimp served with rice and a drink.
Shrimp Boxed Meal

All of these dishes are available in the Philippines, where Bonchon has a growing number of branches across the country. Bonchon’s commitment to quality and consistency is what sets them apart from other restaurants. Each dish is made to order, ensuring that it is always fresh and hot when it reaches your table.

How to Order from Bonchon

Ordering from Bonchon is easy and convenient, with a variety of options available to customers. Here are two ways to order:

  • From the Website – The most convenient way to order from Bonchon is through their website. Simply visit their website and select the branch that is nearest to you. Once you have chosen the branch, you can browse through the menu and select the items that you want to order. After adding the items to your cart, you can proceed to checkout, choose your payment method, and wait for your food to be delivered.
  • Hotline Number – If you prefer to order by phone, you can call Bonchon’s hotline number. For customers in Metro Manila, the number is 8633-1818. For customers in other locations, here are the hotline numbers for selected branches:
  • KCC Mall Zamboanga City: (062) 957-3223
  • Abreeza, Ayala Mall, Davao City: (082) 285-1704 / 0917-7223561
  • SM Lemery, Batangas: (043) 741-5901 / 0920-296-1438
  • Centrio Mall, Cagayan de Oro: (088) 880-6325 / 0917-7779587
  • The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu: (032) 266-0488
  • Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Laguna: (0998) 847-9429

When placing an order through the hotline, simply tell the Bonchon representative which items you would like to order and provide your delivery address and contact details. You can then choose your payment method, and your food will be delivered to your doorstep.

Career Opportunities at Bonchon

If you are looking for a career in the food and hospitality industry, Bonchon offers a range of exciting job opportunities. Here are two career opportunities available at Bonchon:

  • Store Manager – As a Store Manager, you will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of a Bonchon restaurant. This includes supervising and training staff, ensuring high levels of customer service, managing inventory and supplies, and implementing marketing and promotional strategies. To qualify for this role, you should have previous experience in restaurant management, excellent communication and leadership skills, and a strong understanding of business operations.
  • Area Manager – As an Area Manager, you will oversee the operations of multiple Bonchon locations in a designated area. This includes managing store managers and their teams, ensuring consistency in brand standards and customer service, analyzing financial data and performance metrics, and developing and implementing strategic plans to improve business performance. To qualify for this role, you should have a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field, previous experience in multi-unit restaurant management, and strong leadership and communication skills.

In addition to these roles, Bonchon also offers opportunities in other areas such as marketing, finance, and human resources. If you are interested in joining the Bonchon team, you can visit their website to view current job openings and submit an application. With a dynamic and growing business, there are plenty of opportunities for career growth and advancement within the company.

Bonchon Outlets in Philippines

Bonchon, a South Korean-based fried chicken restaurant chain, has numerous outlets across the Philippines. Here are some of the locations:

  • Metro Manila – Bonchon has many outlets across Metro Manila, including branches in Makati, Taguig, Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Pasig, and more.
  • Cebu – Bonchon has several branches in Cebu City, including a branch in Ayala Center Cebu and another in SM City Cebu.
  • Davao – Bonchon has a branch in Abreeza Mall in Davao City.
  • Batangas – Bonchon has a branch in SM City Batangas.
  • Cagayan de Oro – Bonchon has a branch in Centrio Mall in Cagayan de Oro.

These are just a few of the many locations where you can find Bonchon in the Philippines. Whether you’re in the mood for some delicious fried chicken or any of their other offerings like bibimbap or mandu, there’s sure to be a Bonchon outlet nearby. You can check out their website or social media pages to find the outlet nearest you.

How Bonchon was Started

Bonchon Chicken Restaurant was started in 2002 in Busan, South Korea, by founder Jinduk Seh. The idea for Bonchon came to Seh when he was studying in the United States and became enamored with the Buffalo wings he tried there. He realized that there was a gap in the Korean market for great-tasting fried chicken and decided to open his own restaurant.

The name “Bonchon” means “my hometown” in Korean, and the restaurant’s mission was to bring the taste of authentic Korean-style fried chicken to people all over the world. The signature dish at Bonchon is the double-fried chicken, which is first cooked in lower heat to tenderize the meat, then deep-fried in high heat to make it crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. This unique cooking technique, along with the special soy garlic or spicy sauce, has made Bonchon’s fried chicken a hit around the world.

Today, Bonchon has over 1000 locations in more than 12 countries, including the Philippines, the United States, and South Korea. The restaurant chain has also expanded its menu to include a variety of Korean-inspired dishes such as bibimbap, mandu, and kimchi, as well as other Asian fusion options. Despite its international success, Bonchon remains committed to its Korean roots and continues to serve its customers with the same high-quality food and service that made it a hit in its hometown.

Why Bonchon Fried Chicken is Famous?

Bonchon Fried Chicken is famous for its unique cooking technique and delicious flavor. Bonchon’s double-fried chicken is first cooked at a lower temperature, which tenderizes the meat, and then deep-fried at high heat to make it crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. This technique, along with the special soy garlic or spicy sauce, has made Bonchon’s fried chicken a hit around the world.

In addition to its signature fried chicken, Bonchon offers a wide variety of Korean-inspired dishes such as bibimbap, mandu, and kimchi, as well as other Asian fusion options. All of the dishes are made with high-quality ingredients and carefully crafted recipes, ensuring that every bite is flavorful and satisfying.

Moreover, Bonchon emphasizes customer service and making sure every guest has a great dining experience. The restaurant’s clean, modern, and cozy interiors, along with the friendly and accommodating staff, create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for guests.

Overall, Bonchon Fried Chicken’s combination of unique cooking techniques, delicious flavor, high-quality ingredients, and exceptional customer service has made it a favorite among diners around the world.


Can I customize my order at Bonchon Philippines?

Yes, you can customize your order according to your preferences. For example, you can choose your preferred level of spiciness for your chicken, or ask for extra sauce or toppings on your rice bowl.

Are the prices on the Bonchon menu the same at all locations in the Philippines?

The prices may vary slightly depending on the location, but the differences are usually negligible. You can check the prices on the Bonchon website or by calling your preferred branch to confirm.

Are there any ongoing promos or discounts on the Bonchon menu in the Philippines?

Bonchon Philippines occasionally offers promos and discounts to its customers, which you can find out about by following their social media accounts or checking their website. You can also ask the staff at your preferred branch if they have any ongoing promotions or discounts.

Is there a minimum order required to avail of delivery service at Bonchon Philippines?

Yes, there is usually a minimum order required for delivery service, which may vary depending on the location. You can check the minimum order requirement on the Bonchon website or by calling your preferred branch to confirm.

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