Dominos Pizza Menu Price Philippines

Domino’s Pizza is a global icon in the fast food industry, with a history that dates back to 1960. It all started in Michigan, USA, where the first Domino’s store was established. Today, the company operates in over 90 countries and has become the largest pizza delivery company in the world.

In the Philippines, Domino’s Pizza has been serving delicious pizza, pasta, chicken wings, and more since its first store opened in downtown Manila in January 2011.

In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the Dominos Pizza menu price Philippines. With a menu that caters to a variety of tastes and budgets, it’s no wonder why Domino’s remains a popular choice for Filipinos looking for a delicious and convenient meal.

Dominos Pizza Menu Price Philippines
Domino’s Menu

Dominos Pizza Menu Price Philippines(₱) Updated


PizzaPrice (PHP)
10″ Regular Duo A₱419.00
10″ Regular Duo B₱419.00
14″ Family Quatro A₱419.00
14″ Family Quatro B₱419.00
5 Cheese₱419.00
Aloha Pizza₱419.00
Domino’s Deluxe₱419.00
Spinach And Feta₱419.00
Ultimate Pepperoni₱419.00


PizzaPrice (PHP)
American Bacon Cheeseburger₱469.00
California Franks₱469.00
Memphis Bbq Chicken₱469.00
New York Buffalo Chicken₱469.00
Pizza Carbonara₱469.00


PizzaPrice (PHP)
Cheese Mania₱169.00
Ham & Cheese₱169.00
Hawaiian Classic₱169.00


ChickenPiecesPrice (PHP)
Baked Wings Garlic Mayo Dip10pcs₱559.00
Baked Wings Hickory Bbq10pcs₱559.00
Baked Wings Hickory Bbq6pcs₱349.00
Baked Wings Honey Bbq And Garlic Mayo Dip10pcs₱559.00
Baked Wings Honey Bbq10pcs₱559.00
Baked Wings Honey Mustard10pcs₱559.00
Baked Wings Honey Mustard6pcs₱349.00
Baked Wings Hot Buffalo And Honey Bbq Dip10pcs₱559.00
Baked Wings Hot Buffalo10pcs₱559.00
Baked Wings Spicy Buffalo10pcs₱559.00
Baked Wings Spicy Buffalo6pcs₱349.00
Baked Wings With Garlic Mayo Dip6pcs₱349.00
Baked Wings With Honey Bbq6pcs₱349.00
Baked Wings With Hot Buffalo And Garlic Mayo Dip10pcs₱559.00
Baked Wings With Hot Buffalo6pcs₱349.00
Chick N Wedges₱369.00
Chicken Kickers With Cheese Dip₱299.00
Chicken Kickers With Garlic Mayo Dip₱299.00
Chicken Kickers With Honey Bbq Dip₱299.00


PastaPrice (PHP)
Cheesy Baked Macaroni₱269.00
Chicken Carbonara₱269.00
Italian Sausage Marinara₱269.00


Rice BowlPrice (PHP)
Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl + Drink₱169
Korean Beef Rice Bowl + Drink₱169


ItemPrice (PHP)
Calzone Italian Sausage₱169.00
Calzone Solo Italian Sausage₱115.00
Garlic Parmesan Bites₱159.00
Potato Wedges With Cheese & Garlic Mayo Dip₱219.00
Potato Wedges With Cheese & Honey Barbeque Dip₱219.00
Potato Wedges With Cheese Dip₱149.00
Potato Wedges With Garlic Mayo Dip₱149.00
Potato Wedges With Honey Barbeque Dip₱149.00
Potato Wedges With Honey Bbq & Garlic Mayo Dip₱219.00
Potato Wedges With Mayo Dip₱149.00
Stuffed Cheesy Bread (Spinach And Feta)₱159.00


DessertPrice (PHP)
Apple Crumble₱209.00
Blueberry Crumble₱209.00
Choco Lava Cake₱95.00
Choco Lava Cake (2pcs)₱169.00
Marbled Cookie Brownie₱169.00
Marbled Cookie Brownie (2pcs)₱75.00


ItemPrice (PHP)
Cheese Dip₱20.00
Choco Fudge Dip₱20.00
Garlic Mayo Dip₱20.00
Honey Bbq Dip₱20.00
Honey Mustard Dip₱20.00
Hot Buffalo Dip₱20.00


DrinkPrice (PHP)
Coke 1.5L₱135.00
Coke Mismo₱35.00
Coke Zero₱65.00
Domino’s Bottled Water₱35.00
Minute Maid₱45.00
Real Leaf Apple₱55.00
Real Leaf Lemon D₱55.00
Sprite 1.5L₱135.00

Domino’s Best Seller Pizza’s

Domino’s Pizza is a world-renowned pizza chain known for its delicious and diverse menu. Some of their best-sellers include:

  • Pizza Carbonara – this classic pizza features a creamy alfredo sauce, crispy bacon, and melted mozzarella cheese, all topped with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.
Pizza Carbonara
  • Extravaganzza – this pizza is a true feast for the taste buds, loaded with toppings like pepperoni, Italian sausage, green peppers, mushrooms, and onions.
  • Ultimate Pepperoni – for pepperoni lovers, this pizza is the ultimate choice, topped with an abundance of juicy pepperoni and melted mozzarella cheese.
Ultimate Pepperoni
  • Domino’s Deluxe – this pizza is perfect for those who love a bit of everything, featuring toppings like sausage, green peppers, mushrooms, onions, and black olives.
Domino's Deluxe
  • Cheese Mania – this pizza is a cheese lover’s dream, featuring six different types of cheese, including mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, provolone, and feta.
Cheese Mania

These delicious pizzas are sure to please, whether you are a fan of classic toppings or prefer something more adventurous. So why not order one today and taste the best of what Domino’s has to offer!

How to Order Domino’s Pizza

Ordering Domino’s pizza is easy and convenient:

  • From the website – To order online, simply visit the Domino’s website, select your location, and create your order by choosing the pizza size, crust, toppings, and any sides or drinks you would like to add.

Once you have finished your order, you can choose to pay online or pay in-store when you pick up your pizza. The website also has special offers and deals available, so be sure to check those out before finalizing your order.

Domino’s Promos

For the latest Domino’s Promos, visit the official Domino’s Website

Domino's Promos

Career Opportunities at Domino’s

Domino’s is a fast-growing company that offers many career opportunities, both in its stores and corporate offices. Some of the most popular positions at Domino’s include:

  • Delivery Drivers – responsible for delivering pizzas to customers in a timely and friendly manner.
  • Customer Service Representatives – responsible for taking customer orders over the phone and online, as well as handling customer inquiries and complaints.
  • Pizza Makers – responsible for preparing and baking pizzas according to customer orders and company standards.
  • Shift Managers – responsible for overseeing store operations during a specific shift, including supervising staff, managing customer orders, and ensuring quality and customer service standards are met.
  • Assistant Managers – responsible for supporting the store manager in all aspects of store operations, including training and supervising staff, managing customer orders, and ensuring the store runs smoothly.
  • Store Managers – responsible for overseeing all aspects of store operations, including managing staff, ordering supplies, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Domino’s offers competitive pay, flexible scheduling, and opportunities for advancement for those who are motivated and committed to providing excellent customer service. To learn more about career opportunities at Domino’s, visit their website or contact your local store for more information.

Domino’s Outlets in Philippines

Domino’s is one of the most popular pizza chains in the country and has a strong presence in major cities like Manila, Cebu, Davao, and others.

To find a Domino’s outlet near you in the Philippines, you can visit the Domino’s website!/locations/search/ and use the store locator tool.

Simply enter your location and the website will show you the nearest Domino’s outlets, their addresses, and contact information. You can also call your local store to place an order or ask about menu options and promotions.

How Domino’s was Started [History]

Domino’s Pizza was founded in 1960 by Tom Monaghan and his brother, James, in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA. The original store was called “DomiNick’s” and sold pizzas, which were made and delivered by Tom and James.

In 1965, James traded his share of the business to Tom for a Volkswagen Beetle, and Tom became the sole owner of the company. He changed the name to Domino’s Pizza and the chain quickly expanded, with its first franchise store opening in 1967.

Over the years, Domino’s has grown to become one of the largest pizza chains in the world, with thousands of stores in more than 80 countries. The company has also evolved, adding new menu items and technology to enhance the customer experience.

Today, Domino’s is known for its fast delivery, innovative menu, and commitment to using high-quality ingredients. Whether you are ordering online, over the phone, or in-store, you can expect a delicious pizza and outstanding customer service when you choose Domino’s.

Domino’s Pizza Nutritional Information

Domino’s Pizza is one of the most popular pizza chains in the world, offering a variety of pizza options for customers to choose from. While pizza can be a delicious and convenient option for a quick meal, many people are concerned about the nutritional value of their food.

One slice of a medium cheese pizza from Domino’s contains approximately 200-300 calories, depending on the type of crust and toppings. A large cheese pizza can have anywhere from 400-600 calories per pie. It’s important to note that calorie counts can vary greatly depending on the type of crust, toppings, and portion size you choose.

In addition to calories, pizza can also be high in carbohydrates, fat, and sodium. A single slice of a medium cheese pizza with a classic crust contains around 30 grams of carbohydrates, 10 grams of fat, and 630 milligrams of sodium. A large cheese pizza with a classic crust can contain up to 60 grams of carbohydrates, 20 grams of fat, and 1,260 milligrams of sodium.

While pizza can be a tasty and convenient option for a quick meal, it’s important to be mindful of the nutritional value of your food choices. If you’re looking to eat a healthier diet, consider choosing a thin crust, opting for vegetable toppings instead of meat, and limiting your portion size.


How much does a medium pizza cost at Domino’s in the Philippines?

The prices of medium pizzas at Domino’s in the Philippines vary, but on average, they range from PHP 299 to PHP 399.

How much does a large pizza cost at Domino’s in the Philippines?

The prices of large pizzas at Domino’s in the Philippines vary, but on average, they range from PHP 399 to PHP 599.

What is the price of a specialty pizza at Domino’s in the Philippines?

The prices of specialty pizzas at Domino’s in the Philippines vary, but on average, they range from PHP 499 to PHP 699.

Are there any current promotions or discounts on pizza at Domino’s in the Philippines?

Promotions and discounts at Domino’s in the Philippines are subject to change and may vary. It is best to check their website or local store for the most up-to-date information.

Does Domino’s offer vegan or vegetarian pizza options in the Philippines?

Yes, Domino’s in the Philippines offers a variety of vegetarian pizzas, including a Vegetable Pizza and a Margherita Pizza. They also offer a Vegan Pizza made with a vegan crust and vegan cheese.

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