Edo Japan Menu Price List Canada

Edo Japan, the renowned Canadian food chain, has become synonymous with authentic Japanese cuisine that tantalizes the taste buds of food enthusiasts across the country. With a diverse menu and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Edo Japan draws inspiration from the vibrant culinary scene of Edo, the former name of Tokyo during the Edo period. This era, spanning from 1603 to 1868, marked a time of flourishing culture and culinary creativity in Japan.

Edo was renowned for its bustling streets and a wide array of delectable dishes, including sushi, teriyaki, and udon noodles. The popularity of Edo Japan has soared across Canada, with its presence expanding from coast to coast.

In this article, we dive into the comprehensive Edo Japan menu price list Canada, providing an overview of the delectable offerings and their corresponding prices. Join us on a culinary exploration that combines the timeless traditions of Edo-era Japan with the modern tastes that define Edo Japans menu in Canada.

Edo Japan Menu Price List Canada
Edo Japan Menu

Edo Japan Menu Price List Canada($)


Picked for you

Teriyaki Chicken$13.25
Teriyaki Chicken Bento Box$18.10
Chicken and Beef$13.75
Sukiyaki Beef$13.75
Sukiyaki Beef Bento Box$18.65

Quick Picks

Teriyaki Chicken + Bottled Drink$16.65
Teriyaki Chicken Bento Box + Bottled Drink$21.50
Sizzling Shrimp Bento Box + Bottled Drink$22.65
Sizzling Shrimp + Bottled Drink$18.30
Sukiyaki Beef + Bottled Drink$17.15
Sukiyaki Beef Bento Box + Bottled Drink$22.05

Try Something New

Volcano Rolls (4pc)$6.85
Volcano Rolls (8pc)$10.30
Brown Sugar Boba$5.70
Tiger Rolls (4pc)$6.85
Tiger Rolls (8pc)$10.30
Passionfruit Green Tea$5.70
Milk Tea Bubble Tea$5.70
Japanese Curry Chicken$13.75


Shariappies – pick 3$28.95
Shariyaki pack for 4$66.95

Bento Boxes

Teriyaki Chicken Bento Box$18.10
Sukiyaki Beef Bento Box$18.65
Beef and Shrimp Bento Box$23.50
Veggie Noodle Bento Box$19.20
Chicken Noodlefull Bento Box$19.85
Hawaiian Chicken Bento Box$18.65
Tempura Shrimp Chop Chop Bento Box$20.40
Beef Noodlefull Bento Box$20.40
Beef Yakisoba Bento Box$19.20
Beef Chop Chop Bento Box$20.40
Chicken Yakisoba Bento Box$18.70
Veggie Chop Chop Bento Box$19.20
Chicken and Beef Chop Chop Bento Box$20.40
Chicken Chop Chop Bento Box$19.00
Chicken and Beef Yakisoba Bento Box$19.20
Chicken and Shrimp Bento Box$23.00
Shrimp Noodlefull Bento Box$21.50

Rice Meals

Teriyaki Chicken$13.25
Sukiyaki Beef$13.75
Chicken and Beef$13.75
Chicken and Shrimp$17.95
Hawaiian Chicken$13.75
Beef Chop Chop$15.55
Tempura Shrimp Chop Chop$15.55
Sizzling Shrimp$14.90
Fresh Grilled Vegetables$12.60
Chicken and Beef Chop Chop$15.55
Chicken Chop Chop$14.95
Veggie Chop Chop$14.30
Teriyaki Salmon$14.90
Japanese Curry Chicken$13.75
Beef and Shrimp$18.10

Noodle Meals

Chicken Yakisoba$13.80
Chicken Noodlefull$14.95
Beef Noodlefull$15.55
Shrimp Noodlefull$16.60
Chicken and Beef Noodlefull$15.55
Beef Yakisoba$14.30
Chicken and Beef Yakisoba$14.30
Veggie Noodlefull$14.30


Chicken Ramen$14.95
Beef Udon$15.55
Chicken Udon$14.95
Vegetable Ramen$13.15
Shrimp Udon$15.45
Beef Ramen$15.55
Shrimp Ramen$15.25
Vegetable Udon$13.15

Kid’s Meals

Kids Chicken with Rice$8.90
Sushi Kid’s Meals$8.90
Kids Beef With Rice$8.90
Kids Chicken with Yakisoba$8.90
Kids Chicken with Ramen$8.90
Kids Beef with Yakisoba$8.90
Kids Beef with Ramen$8.90
Juice Box$2.15

Sides & Snacks

Tempura Shrimp 3pc$5.70
Tempura Shrimp 5pc$7.95
Side Brown Rice$4.90
Spring Rolls 1$2.40
Spring Rolls 2$4.55
Gyoza 3pc$4.55
Gyoza 5pc$5.90
Yam Tempura$6.60
Side White Rice$4.90


Brown Sugar Boba$5.70
Passionfruit Green Tea$5.70
Milk Tea Bubble Tea$5.70
Bottled Pop$3.40
Glaceau Vitamin Water$3.55
Simply Juice$3.40
AHA Sparkling Water$3.55
Bottled Water$3.40
Juice Box$2.15

Best Seller Items of Edo Japan

Here are some of the best-selling items from the Edo Japan menu:

  • Sukiyaki Beef Bento Box: Indulge in perfectly grilled beef accompanied by a medley of fresh vegetables including broccoli, carrots, cabbage, and mushrooms. Served with a generous portion of rice and drizzled with Edo’s signature Teriyaki sauce, this bento box is a harmonious blend of flavors and textures. As an added bonus, you can choose two sides to complement this satisfying meal.
Sukiyaki Beef Bento Box
  • Teriyaki Chicken + Bottled Drink: Savor the succulent goodness of perfectly grilled chicken paired with a selection of vibrant vegetables. This dish features broccoli, carrots, cabbage, and mushrooms served alongside a generous portion of rice, all crowned with Edo’s irresistible Teriyaki sauce. To complete the experience, this combo includes a refreshing bottled drink of your choice.
Teriyaki Chicken + Bottled Drink
  • Beef and Shrimp Bento Box: Prepare your taste buds for an explosion of flavors with this delightful bento box. Enjoy sizzling hot shrimp and Canadian beef, expertly cooked to perfection on Edo’s teppanyaki grill. Served with a crisp assortment of garden vegetables, and rice, and topped with Edo’s signature Teriyaki sauce, this dish is a true feast for the senses. You also have the option to select two sides to complement your meal.
Beef and Shrimp Bento Box
  • Chicken and Beef: For those seeking the best of both worlds, this dish offers a delectable combination of perfectly grilled chicken and beef. Accompanied by a variety of fresh vegetables including broccoli, carrots, cabbage, and mushrooms, and topped with Edo’s renowned Teriyaki sauce, this dish is a flavorful symphony that will leave you craving more.
Chicken and Beef
  • Chicken Yakisoba: Dive into the delightful flavors of this dish featuring perfectly grilled chicken served alongside a medley of vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, cabbage, and mushrooms. The chicken and vegetables are tossed with yakisoba noodles and finished with Edo’s signature Teriyaki sauce, creating a mouthwatering fusion of savory and satisfying tastes.
Chicken Yakisoba
  • Chicken Ramen: Indulge in a comforting bowl of ramen noodles accompanied by tender Teriyaki chicken, carrots, broccoli, snow peas, edamame, and bok choy, all bathed in a hearty broth. This flavorful and satisfying dish offers a harmonious blend of textures and aromas that will warm your soul.
Chicken Ramen
  • Kami Sushi Platter: Experience a delightful assortment of sushi rolls with the Kami Sushi Platter. This platter includes four pieces of California roll, four pieces of dynamite roll, four pieces of salmon roll, and two pieces of salmon nigiri. Each bite offers a combination of fresh ingredients and expertly crafted flavors, showcasing the artistry of Edo Japan’s sushi creations.
Kami Sushi Platter

These best-selling items reflect the culinary expertise and commitment to quality that define Edo Japan, providing customers with a memorable dining experience infused with the essence of Japanese cuisine.

Edo Japan Rewards

Join the My Edo Rewards program and unlock a world of exclusive benefits, deals, and the opportunity to earn tokens toward free meals! By becoming a member, you’ll gain access to a range of perks designed to enhance your Edo Japan dining experience.

Exclusive Deals: As a My Edo Rewards member, you’ll receive exclusive deals and offers tailored specifically for you. Enjoy discounts, promotions, and special offers that are not available to the general public, allowing you to savor your favorite Edo Japan dishes while saving some money.

Pre-order, Pickup & Delivery: With the convenience of the My Edo app or website, you can pre-order your meal, choose your pickup time, or even have it delivered straight to your doorstep. Skip the queue and enjoy a seamless ordering process, whether you’re on the go or relaxing at home.

Free Meals: Every time you place an order over $15, you’ll earn 1 reward token. Collect 6 tokens, and you’ll unlock a free meal of your choice. It’s a fantastic way to be rewarded for your loyalty and enjoy the flavors of Edo Japan at no cost to you.

Creating an account is quick and easy. Simply provide your email, name, and phone number, and create a password, and you’ll be ready to start earning tokens towards your free meals.

To claim your free meal, head to the checkout menu and click or tap on your desired free meal to add it to your order. It’s a delicious reward for being a My Edo Rewards member!

Edo Japan gift Cards

Edo Japan gift cards provide a versatile and delightful gifting option, allowing recipients to savor the flavors of Edo Japan’s menu at their convenience. Whether you choose the digital or plastic option, these gift cards are sure to bring joy to anyone who receives them.

Edo Japan gift Cards
  • Digital: For a convenient and instant gift-giving option, Edo Japan offers digital e-gifts. With personalized messages, you can send these e-gifts to your friends and family via email. Choose from a range of denominations, starting from $5 and going up to $200, allowing the recipient to enjoy their favorite Edo Japan meals.
  • Plastic: Give the gift of delicious dining experiences that can be enjoyed both online, on mobile, and at any Edo Japan location. Simply visit your preferred Edo Japan location to pick up a plastic gift card. These versatile gift cards are perfect for treating loved ones to a flavorful meal at their convenience.
  • Corporate: Edo Japan also offers corporate gift cards, making them an ideal choice for employee awards, corporate gifts, sales incentives, and more. You can conveniently order these gift cards and have them delivered directly to your office, making it easy to reward and appreciate your employees or business partners.
  • Reload: To ensure continuous enjoyment, Edo Japan gift cards can be reloaded. Once the balance on the gift card is depleted, simply reload it with the desired amount at any Edo Japan location. This way, the recipient can continue to indulge in their favorite Edo Japan dishes.
  • Check Balance: To stay informed about the remaining balance on your Edo Japan gift card, you can easily check it online. Visit the Edo Japan website or contact the customer service team to inquire about the balance on your gift card.

How to Order from Edo Japan

Ordering from Edo Japan is easy and convenient with three options available:

  • Website: Visit the Edo Japan website, select your menu items, customize your order, provide your contact and payment information, and submit your order online.
  • App: Download the My Edo App on your iOS or Android device, create an account, browse the menu, customize your order, and complete the checkout process within the app.
  • Third-party delivery service: Find Edo Japan on your preferred third-party delivery service’s website or app like Uber Eats, select your items, provide your delivery details and payment information, and place your order for delivery to your desired location.

Whether you choose to order through the Edo Japan website, the My Edo App, or a third-party delivery service, you’ll be able to savor the delicious flavors of Edo Japan from the comfort of your own home or wherever you may be.

Enjoy the convenience, explore the menu options, and treat yourself to the culinary delights that Edo Japan has to offer.

Career Opportunities at Edo Japan

Edo Japan offers a range of exciting career opportunities for individuals passionate about the food industry and providing exceptional customer service. Joining the Edo Japan team means becoming part of a dynamic and fast-paced environment dedicated to delivering delicious Japanese cuisine to customers across Canada.

Here are some of the potential career opportunities at Edo Japan:

  • Restaurant Team Member: As a restaurant team member, you will play a crucial role in delivering excellent customer service. This position involves taking customer orders, preparing and cooking food, ensuring a clean and organized environment, and providing friendly and efficient service.
  • Shift Supervisor: The role of a shift supervisor involves overseeing restaurant operations during designated shifts. This includes managing the team, ensuring smooth workflow, maintaining quality standards, and providing guidance and support to team members.
  • Restaurant Manager: Restaurant managers are responsible for the overall operation and success of an Edo Japan location. This role involves managing staff, maintaining high-quality standards, overseeing financial performance, implementing marketing strategies, and ensuring exceptional customer experiences.
  • Franchise Owner: For individuals seeking an entrepreneurial opportunity, Edo Japan offers franchise ownership options. Becoming a franchise owner allows you to operate your own Edo Japan restaurant while receiving support and guidance from the corporate team.
  • Corporate Positions: Edo Japan also has various corporate positions available, such as marketing, finance, operations, and human resources. These roles contribute to the overall success and growth of the company.

Edo Japan values its employees and provides comprehensive training programs, competitive compensation, and opportunities for career growth and development. Whether you are starting your career in the food industry or have previous experience, Edo Japan offers a supportive and rewarding work environment.

To explore current job openings and apply for a career opportunity at Edo Japan, visit their official website or check job listings on relevant job search platforms. Join the Edo Japan team and embark on a fulfilling and exciting career in the food industry.

Edo Japan Locations in Canada

Edo Japan has a widespread presence in Canada, with numerous locations across the country. Here are some of the major provinces where you can find Edo Japan restaurants:

  • Alberta: Edo Japan has a strong presence in Alberta, with locations in cities such as Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, and Medicine Hat.
  • British Columbia: Edo Japan can be found in various cities throughout British Columbia, including Vancouver, Victoria, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, and Kelowna.
  • Saskatchewan: In Saskatchewan, Edo Japan has restaurants in cities like Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, and Moose Jaw.
  • Manitoba: Edo Japan locations in Manitoba are primarily situated in Winnipeg, the capital city.
  • Ontario: Edo Japan has expanded its presence in Ontario, with restaurants in cities like Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, Brampton, Hamilton, and London.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: Edo Japan has a presence in St. John’s, the capital city of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Please note that the exact number and locations of Edo Japan restaurants may vary over time, and it is always recommended to check the official Edo Japan website or use their store locator tool to find the nearest location to you.


Are the menu prices the same across all Edo Japan locations in Canada?

While Edo Japan strives to maintain consistent pricing, slight variations may occur due to factors such as regional differences in operating costs. It’s best to refer to the specific menu and pricing information of the Edo Japan location you plan to visit for the most accurate details.

Does Edo Japan offer any vegetarian or vegan options on their menu?

Yes, Edo Japan recognizes the importance of catering to different dietary preferences. They offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, such as the Veggie Teriyaki and Veggie Yakisoba. These dishes feature delicious plant-based ingredients that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Can I customize my order to accommodate dietary restrictions or allergies?

Edo Japan understands the importance of catering to individual dietary needs. While they strive to accommodate specific requests, please note that cross-contamination is possible in their kitchens. It’s recommended to inform the staff about your dietary restrictions or allergies so they can provide guidance and suggest suitable options.

Are nutritional information and allergen details available for Edo Japan menu items?

Yes, Edo Japan provides nutritional information and allergen details for their menu items. You can find this information on their official website or inquire at the restaurant. They strive to be transparent about ingredients and allergens to help you make informed choices.

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