Jollibee Menu Price Philippines

In this article, we will take a look at Jollibee menu price, including the latest offerings. Jollibee, the largest fast-food chain in the Philippines, was founded by Tony Tan Caktiong in 1975.

Initially, Jollibee started as an ice cream parlor in the Philippines, but soon expanded into a full-service restaurant. In 1978, Jollibee introduced its now-iconic fried chicken dish, “Chickenjoy,” which quickly became one of the most popular menu items.

Over the years, Jollibee continued to expand its menu and opened new branches across the Philippines and in other countries, including the USA, Canada, and the Middle East.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to Jollibee, this article will provide you Jollibee Menu Price Philippines with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your next meal at Jollibee.

Jollibee Menu Price Philippines
Jollibee Menu

Jollibee Menu Price Philippines 2023 Updated (₱)

Super Meals

MenuPrice (₱)
Yumburger Super Meal₱121
Chickenjoy with Shanghai Super Meal₱182
Chickenjoy with Burger Steak Super Meal₱182


MenuPrice (₱)
Egg & Cheese Sandwich w/ Drink₱72
Egg & Cheese Pancake Sandwich w/ Drink₱77
2 pc Pancake w/ Drink₱83
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Pancake Sandwich w/ Drink₱88
Breakfast Burger Steak w/ Garlic Rice, Fried Egg & Drink₱109
Hotdog w/ Garlic Rice, Fried Egg & Drink₱109
Longganisa w/ Garlic Rice, Fried Egg & Drink₱142
Beef Tapa w/ Garlic Rice, Fried Egg & Drink₱142
Corned Beef w/ Garlic Rice, Fried Egg & Drink₱142

Family Meals

MenuFood TypePrice (₱)
Yumburger Family SaversBurger₱219
Burger Steak Family SaversBurger₱253
Cheesy Yumburger Family SaversBurger₱259
Joy At Home Birthday Set PremiumParty Set₱269
6Pc Burger Steak Family PanBurger₱286
4Pc Chickenjoy Family Box SoloFried Chicken₱303
Burger BundleBurger₱314
4Pc Sweet Chili Chicken SoloFried Chicken₱352
8Pc Burger Steak Family PanBurger₱380
4Pc Chickenjoy with 2 Burger SteakCombo Meal₱402
4Pc Chickenjoy with 3 YumburgerCombo Meal₱402
4Pc Chickenjoy with 2 Jolly SpaghettiCombo Meal₱407
Champ Knock-Out DealCombo Meal₱424
Yumburger Family Savers with Choco SundaeCombo Meal₱424
Double Jolly Spaghetti Family PanSpaghetti₱435
6Pc Chickenjoy SoloFried Chicken₱439
6Pc Burger Steak with Jolly Spaghetti PanCombo Meal₱495
6Pc Sweet Chili Chicken SoloFried Chicken₱523
6Pc Chickenjoy with Rice & DrinksCombo Meal₱523
8Pc Chickenjoy SoloFried Chicken₱549
8Pc Burger Steak with Jolly Spaghetti PanCombo Meal₱594
Family Pan DuoCombo Meal₱605
6Pc Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti PanCombo Meal₱655
6Pc with Rice, Sides, Pies & DrinksCombo Meal₱659
6Pc with Rice, Jolly Spaghetti & DrinksCombo Meal₱659
Champ All-Star MealCombo Meal₱659
6Pc Burger Steak with Palabok PanCombo Meal₱671
8Pc Chickenjoy with Rice & DrinksCombo Meal₱682
8Pc Burger Steak with Palabok PanCombo Meal₱765
8Pc Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti PanCombo Meal₱769
6Pc Chickenjoy with Palabok Family PanCombo Meal₱769
Joy At Home Birthday Set RegularParty Set₱80
8Pc Chickenjoy with Palabok Family PanCombo Meal₱879
8Pc with Rice, Jolly Spaghetti & DrinksCombo Meal₱879
8Pc with Rice, Sides, Pies & DrinksCombo Meal₱879


MenuServingPrice (₱)
Chickenjoy Solo1 piece₱84
Chickenjoy with Drink1 piece₱105
Chickenjoy with Fries Solo1 piece₱109
Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti Solo1 piece₱109
Chickenjoy, Double Rice & Drink1 piece₱109
Chickenjoy with Creamy Mac Soup Solo1 piece₱116
Chickenjoy, Fries & Drink1 piece₱116
Chickenjoy with Burger Steak Solo1 piece₱138
Chickenjoy, Creamy Mac Soup & Drink1 piece₱143
Chickenjoy, Jolly Spaghetti & Drink1 piece₱143
Chickenjoy, Burger Steak & Drink1 piece₱160
Chickenjoy Solo2 pieces₱168
Chickenjoy with Palabok Solo1 piece₱187
Chickenjoy with Drink2 pieces₱187
Chickenjoy, Palabok & Drink1 piece₱198

Jolly Spaghetti

MenuServingPrice (₱)
Jolly Spaghetti Solo1 plate₱55
Jolly Spaghetti with Drink1 plate₱72
Jolly Spaghetti with Fries & Drink1 plate₱105
Jolly Spaghetti, Yumburger & Drink1 plate₱105
Jolly Spaghetti, Burger Steak Solo1 plate₱109
Jolly Spaghetti, Cheesy Yum & Drink1 plate₱126
Jolly Spaghetti, Burger Steak & Drink1 plate₱127
Jolly Spaghetti Family Pan1 pan₱220
Double Jolly Spaghetti Family Pan2 pans₱435
Family Pan Duo1 pan₱605


MenuMeal TypePrice (₱)
Aloha Champ SoloSolo₱219
Aloha Champ, Fries & DrinkMeal₱274
Amazing Aloha Champ Jr.Meal₱99
Amazing Aloha Champ Jr., Fries & DrinkMeal₱165
Bacon Champ Jr. SoloSolo₱99
Bacon Champ Jr., Fries & DrinkMeal₱160
Bacon Champ SoloSolo₱208
Bacon Champ, Fries & DrinkMeal₱259
Bacon Cheesy Yumburger SoloSolo₱72
Bacon Cheesy Yumburger, Fries & DrinkMeal₱132
Burger BundleBundle₱314
Champ All-Star MealMeal₱659
Champ Jr. Fries & DrinkMeal₱138
Champ Jr. SoloSolo₱76
Champ Knock-Out DealDeal₱424
Champ SoloSolo₱165
Champ, Fries & DrinkMeal₱219
Cheesy Yumburger Family SaversFamily Savers₱259
Cheesy Yumburger SoloSolo₱54
Cheesy Yumburger, Fries & DrinkMeal₱110
Dbl Amazing Aloha Champ Jr Fries & DrinkMeal₱198
Double Amazing Aloha Champ Jr. SoloSolo₱132
Double Bacon Champ Jr. SoloSolo₱176
Double Bacon Champ Jr., Fries & DrinkMeal₱220
Double Bacon Cheesy Yum, Fries & DrinkMeal₱193
Double Bacon Cheesy Yumburger SoloSolo₱143
Spicy Champ Jr. SoloSolo₱87
Spicy Champ Jr., Fries & DrinkMeal₱142
Spicy Champ SoloSolo₱193
Spicy Champ, Fries & DrinkMeal₱248
Yumburger Family SaversFamily Savers₱219
Yumburger Family Savers with Choco SundaeFamily Savers₱424
Yumburger SoloSolo₱39
Yumburger, Fries & DrinkMeal₱97

Jolly Hotdog & Pies

MenuPrice (₱)
Jolly Hotdog Solo₱55
Jolly Hotdog with Drink₱88
Jolly Hotdog with Fries & Drink₱132
Jolly Hotdog with Fries & Float₱138
Tuna Pie Solo₱50
Tuna Pie Trio₱146
Tuna Pie with Drink₱72
Tuna Pie with Fries & Drink₱105

Burger Steak

MenuPrice (₱)
1Pc Burger Steak Solo₱55
1Pc Burger Steak with Drink₱77
1Pc Burger Steak with Fries with Drink₱99
1Pc Burger Steak with Shanghai Solo₱121
1Pc Burger Steak with Shanghai with Drink₱132
2Pc Burger Steak Solo₱96
2Pc Burger Steak with Drink₱105
4 Ultimate Burger Steak withO Egg Solo₱693
6Pc Burger Steak Family Pan₱286
6Pc Burger Steak with Jolly Spaghetti Pan₱495
6Pc Burger Steak with Palabok Pan₱671
8Pc Burger Steak Family Pan₱380
8Pc Burger Steak with Jolly Spaghetti Pan₱594
8Pc Burger Steak with Palabok Pan₱765
Burger Steak Family Savers₱253
Ultimate Burger Steak with Egg Solo₱204
Ultimate Burger Steak with Egg with Drink₱219
Ultimate Burger Steak withO Egg Solo₱186
Ultimate Burger Steak withO Egg with Drink₱208

Fries and Sides

MenuPrice (₱)
Creamy Macaroni Soup₱61
Extra Rice₱33
Jolly Crispy Fries₱47

Dessert and Beverages

MenuPrice (₱)
Buko Pie₱39
Chocolate Sundae Twirl₱37
Coke 1L₱83
Coke Float₱43
Peach Mango Pie₱39


MenuPrice (₱)
Family Pan Duo₱605
Palabok Family Pan₱391
Palabok Solo₱109
Palabok with Drink₱143

Jollibee Kiddie Meals

MenuPrice (₱)
1 pc Chickenjoy with Reg. Pineapple Juice + Toy₱157.00
Burger Steak with Reg. Pineapple Juice + Toy₱116.0
Jolly Spaghetti with Reg. Pineapple Juice + Toy₱116.00
Yum Burger with Reg. Pineapple Juice + Toy₱110.00


MenuPrice (₱)
Chick’Nwich with Fries & Drink₱208

Jollibee Menu Best-seller Items

Jollibee is a Filipino fast-food chain known for its delicious and flavorful menu items. Some of its bestseller menu items include:

Chickenjoy – A crispy golden brown fried chicken with a juicy, savory flavor that is a staple in Filipino cuisine.


Jolly Spaghetti – A sweet-style spaghetti with a unique blend of savory sweet sauce made with diced ham, hotdog slices, and ground meat, topped with grated cheese, and served with garlic bread.

Jolly Spaghetti

Yumburger – A juicy beef patty with melted cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and Jollibee’s special sauce, served in a soft sesame seed bun.


Palabok Fiesta – A dish made up of thin rice noodles topped with a flavorful shrimp-based sauce, crushed pork rind, shrimp, egg, and green onions.

Palabok Fiesta

How to Order Jollibee?

Jollibee, the beloved Filipino fast-food chain, offers a convenient delivery service for its customers. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, you can enjoy Jollibee’s signature dishes, including Chickenjoy fried chicken, Jolly Spaghetti, and Yumburgers, without having to leave your doorstep. Here are three ways to order Jollibee for delivery:

  • Order Through Website: Visit Jollibee’s delivery website to place your order and choose from a range of menu items. Simply select your location, choose the items you want to order, and pay for your order online. Your food will be delivered right to your door.
  • Download the App: Jollibee also offers a mobile app that you can download on your smartphone or tablet. The app allows you to place orders, track your delivery, and access exclusive deals and promotions. To start using the app, simply download it from the App Store or Google Play and create an account.
  • Call #87000: If you don’t have access to a computer or a smartphone, you can still order Jollibee for delivery by calling #87000. A customer service representative will take your order and arrange for delivery to your location.

No matter how you choose to order, Jollibee’s delivery service makes it easy and convenient to enjoy your favorite dishes whenever you want. So why wait? Order Jollibee today and savor the flavors of the Philippines!

How was Jollibee started?

Jollibee is a Filipino multinational chain of fast-food restaurants. Tony Tan Caktiong started it in 1975 in the Philippines. He opened an Ice Cream Parlor in Cubao, Quezon City which later expanded to include hot meals such as burgers and fried chicken.

The brand gained popularity in the Philippines and expanded rapidly, becoming the largest fast-food chain in the country by the 1990s. In the 2000s, Jollibee expanded internationally, opening its first store outside the Philippines in 2005 in Vietnam.

Today, Jollibee has over 1,200 stores in the Philippines and over 1,000 stores in other countries, including the United States, Canada, China, and the Middle East. It is one of the largest fast-food chains in Asia and continues to grow and expand globally.

Jollibee is known for its signature dishes, including Chickenjoy fried chicken, Jolly Spaghetti, and Yumburgers, and is considered a cultural icon in the Philippines.

Jollibee Outlets List with Country Location

In this section, we present a comprehensive list of Jollibee outlets around the world, organized by country, along with their corresponding locations.

CountryLocationsTotal Outlets
PhilippinesJune 1978, Cubao, Quezon City1,150
Bahrain1995, Manama1
BruneiAugust 22, 1987, Bandar Seri Begawan17
CanadaDecember 15, 2016, Winnipeg, Manitoba21
Hong KongSeptember 1996, Central District10
ItalyMarch 18, 2018, Milan, Lombardy2
Kuwait1994, Kuwait City4
MacauJune 28, 2018, São Lourenço1
Malaysia1990–1997, Kota Kinabalu2
OmanMay 5, 2017, Muscat1
QatarJune 22, 2010, Doha6
Saudi Arabia1995, Jeddah12
SingaporeMarch 12, 2013, Orchard Road14
SpainSeptember 23, 2021, Madrid1
United Arab EmiratesApril 1995, Dubai14
United KingdomOctober 18, 2018, London, England10
United States of AmericaJune 13, 1998, Daly City, California63
VietnamOctober 1996, Ho Chi Minh City150

Career opportunities at Jollibee

Jollibee is a multinational fast-food chain with thousands of branches and numerous career opportunities available worldwide. Some of the career opportunities at Jollibee include:

  • Restaurant Crew Member: This is an entry-level position responsible for serving customers, preparing food, and maintaining a clean and organized work environment.
  • Kitchen Crew Member: This role involves preparing food, following food safety standards, and ensuring the kitchen runs smoothly.
  • Shift Manager: Shift managers are responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a Jollibee branch, including managing staff, handling customer complaints, and ensuring food safety standards are met.
  • Restaurant Manager: Restaurant managers are responsible for the overall operations of a Jollibee branch, including staffing, training, and managing budgets.
  • Corporate Roles: Jollibee also offers various corporate roles such as human resources, marketing, finance, and supply chain management.
  • Internships: Jollibee also provides internship opportunities for students and recent graduates to gain hands-on experience in various areas of the business.

Note that the specific career opportunities available at Jollibee may vary based on the location and the needs of the company.


Is Drive-thru Available at Jollibee Outlets?

Yes, some Jollibee outlets have drive-thru service available. However, availability may vary depending on the location and store hours. It is best to check with the specific Jollibee outlet or call ahead for confirmation.

Which is better, Jollibee or McDonald’s?

The comparison between Jollibee and McDonald’s is subjective and depends on individual preferences. Both chains offer fast food options and have their own signature menu items. Some people may prefer Jollibee’s unique Filipino-style offerings.

While others may prefer the classic American menu items offered by McDonald’s. It ultimately comes down to personal taste and what type of food the customer is in the mood for.

Both chains have a loyal customer base and offer different menu options and dining experiences. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which one they prefer.

What are some items on Jollibee’s Menu that can’t be found at McDonald’s?

Both Jollibee and McDonald’s offer fast food menu items such as hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, french fries, and soft drinks. Some specific items that can be found at both chains include:

  • Burgers: Both Jollibee and McDonald’s offer various types of burgers, such as cheeseburgers and bacon burgers.
  • Chicken: Both chains offer fried chicken options, such as chicken nuggets and chicken sandwiches.
  • Fries: Both Jollibee and McDonald’s serve french fries as a side dish.
  • Soft Drinks: Both chains offer a variety of soft drinks and other beverages, such as Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Iced Tea.

These are just a few examples of menu items that can be found at both Jollibee and McDonald’s. However, the specific items, ingredients, and preparation methods may vary between the two chains.

What is the average price of Jollibee menu items in the Philippines for 2023?

The average price of Jollibee menu items in the Philippines for 2023 ranges from PHP 50 to PHP 200.

Is there any difference in Jollibee menu prices between different branches in the Philippines in 2023?

There may be slight variations in Jollibee menu prices between different branches in the Philippines in 2023. It is best to check with the specific branch for their updated prices.

Are there any limited-time offers or promotions available on Jollibee menu items in the Philippines in 2023?

Yes, Jollibee occasionally has limited-time offers and promotions on certain menu items. It is best to check with your local Jollibee branch or their official website for the latest updates.

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