Jugo Juice Menu Price List Canada

Jugo Juice is a Canadian-based juice and smoothie company that has been providing its customers with fresh and healthy beverages since its inception in 1998. Over the years, Jugo Juice has established itself as a go-to destination for health-conscious individuals who are looking for a quick and nutritious beverage on the go.

With its commitment to using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, Jugo Juice has become synonymous with healthy living in Canada. One of the reasons for Jugo Juice’s success is its extensive menu of delicious and nutritious beverages.

From classic smoothies and fresh juices to protein-packed bowls and snacks, Jugo Juice offers something for everyone. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to keep track of Jugo Juice’s menu prices.

In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive Jugo Juice menu price list Canada, so you can make an informed decision about your next order. Whether you are a regular customer or a first-time visitor, knowing the prices of Jugo Juice’s offerings can help you plan your order and budget accordingly.

So, let’s dive into the Jugo Juice menu price list for Canada and discover the delicious and healthy options that Jugo Juice has to offer.

Jugo Juice Menu Price List Canada
Jugo Juice Menu

Jugo Juice Menu Price List Canada($)


Picked for you

Mighty Kale Smoothie$10.25
Chicken Avocado Wrap$9.65
Big Blueberry Protein$10.25
Mocha Protein Smoothie$10.75
Green Glow Smoothie$9.95

Smoothies Classique

Berry and Banana Smoothie$9.50
Blushing Mango Smoothie$6.75
Mango magic Smoothie$6.75
Peanut Butter & Chocolate$9.95
Smoothie Jugo Classico$6.75
Summer Strawberry Smoothie$6.75
Raspberry Rush Smoothie$9.95
Frosted Lemonade Smoothie$9.50

Fresh Energy Smoothies

Vanilla Matcha$10.25
Jugo Cold Brew Smoothie$9.95
Green Glow Smoothie$9.95
Dragon Force Smoothie$9.50
Blue Crush$10.25
Mighty Kale Smoothie$10.25

Protein Smoothies

Big Blueberry Protein$10.25
Tropical Green Protein$10.25
Mocha Protein Smoothie$10.75
Morning Blend$12.45
PB Protein Smoothie$10.95
Pink Power Protein$10.95

Immunity Smoothies

Super Green$10.25
Liquid Gold$10.25
Gold Digger$10.25

Fresh Pressed Juice 2Oz

Apple Juice$9.30
Orange Juice$10.75
Triple Charged$10.45
Kale-Aid Juice$11.50
Stay Up-Beet$11.50
Good Shot$3.25

Wraps & Grilled Cheese

Chicken Avocado Wrap$9.65
Cranberry Turkey Grilled Cheese$11.50
GOA Chicken Wrap$9.65
Three Cheese Grilled Cheese$10.50
Turkey Bacon Club Wrap$9.65
Chicken Melt Grilled Cheese$11.50
Falafel Wrap$8.75
Thai Chicken wrap$9.65
Tuna Avocado Wrap$8.75



New Veggie Burger

Veggie Burger$11.50


Yogurt Parfait$8.75
Dasani Water$2.25

Best Seller Items of Jugo Juice

Here are the best-selling items of Jugo Juice:

  • Mighty Kale Smoothie (24 Oz.) – This refreshing and nutrient-packed smoothie is a customer favorite at Jugo Juice. It contains a blend of kale, spinach, mango, pineapple, orange juice, and apple juice, providing a delicious and healthy way to get your daily dose of greens.
Mighty Kale Smoothie
  • Big Blueberry Protein (24 Oz.) – Perfect for a post-workout snack or meal replacement, the Big Blueberry Protein smoothie contains vanilla whey protein, blueberries, banana, no added sugar frozen yogurt, and apple juice. It’s a delicious and filling way to refuel after a workout or stay satiated throughout the day.
Big Blueberry Protein
  • Mocha Protein Smoothie – This chocolatey and energizing smoothie is a must-try for coffee and chocolate lovers. It contains chocolate whey protein, banana, cold brew coffee, dates, and chocolate almond milk, providing a delicious and satisfying way to start your day.
Mocha Protein Smoothie
  • Mango Magic Smoothie – With its tropical flavors and refreshing taste, the Mango Magic smoothie is a popular choice at Jugo Juice. It contains a blend of mango, orange juice, and tropical juices, making it the perfect beverage to sip on a hot summer day.
Mango Magic Smoothie
  • Summer Strawberry Smoothie – This delicious and fruity smoothie is the perfect way to cool down on a warm summer day. It contains a blend of strawberries, peaches, apple juice, and cranberry juice, providing a refreshing and nutritious beverage option.
Summer Strawberry Smoothie
  • Jugo Cold Brew Smoothie (24 Oz.) – The Jugo Cold Brew Smoothie is a unique and tasty way to enjoy coffee. It contains cold brew coffee, banana, dates, coconut milk, and almond milk, providing a delicious and energizing way to start your day.
Jugo Cold Brew Smoothie
  • Chicken Avocado Wrap – For those looking for a savory and satisfying option, the Chicken Avocado Wrap is a great choice. It contains chicken, avocado, tomato, romaine lettuce, mozzarella, and spicy mayo, providing a tasty and filling meal option that’s perfect for lunch or a mid-day snack.
Chicken Avocado Wrap

Jugo Juice Rewards

Jugo Juice Rewards is a loyalty program that rewards customers for their continued patronage at Jugo Juice locations across Canada. The program is designed to provide members with exclusive benefits, discounts, and rewards that are not available to regular customers.

To join the program, customers can create an account online or in-store and start earning rewards during their first visit. Customers can check their rewards balance and redeem rewards online, making it easy and convenient to take advantage of the benefits of being a Jugo Juice Rewards member.

Some of the benefits of the program include a welcome offer of a free small smoothie when registering, earning a free smoothie on their 8th purchase, and bonus birthday points, which entitles members to a free large smoothie on their special day. Additionally, members can enjoy personalized offers and promotions throughout the year.

Jugo Juice Rewards is an excellent way for customers to enjoy exclusive benefits and discounts while enjoying their favorite beverages. So, whether you’re a regular Jugo Juice customer or just enjoy the occasional smoothie, be sure to sign up for the program and start earning rewards today!

Jugo Juice Gift Cards

Jugo Juice Gift Cards are a great way to share the gift of healthy and delicious beverages with friends and family. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or just because, a Jugo Juice gift card is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Jugo Juice Gift Cards

Customers can choose between a physical gift card or a digital gift card, making it easy and convenient to purchase and give. The physical gift card is perfect for those who prefer to hold a card in their hands, while the digital gift card is a great option for those who want to keep things simple and have the gift card easily accessible on their mobile device.

Jugo Juice also offers the option to place a large order of gift cards, making it easy to gift to employees, clients, or customers. Customers can message Jugo Juice directly to set up a large order of gift cards.

To check the balance of a Jugo Juice gift card, customers can easily do so online by clicking the “Check Your Balance” button on the Jugo Juice website. This makes it easy to keep track of gift card balances and ensure that they are being used to their full potential.

Jugo Juice Gift Cards are a great way to share the love of healthy and delicious beverages with others, and with multiple options to choose from, there’s a gift card to suit every need. So, whether you’re looking to gift a friend or treat yourself, consider a Jugo Juice Gift Card today!

How to Order from Jugo Juice

Jugo Juice offers several convenient ways for customers to order their favorite healthy beverages and food items. Here are a few ways to place an order with Jugo Juice:

  • In-Store: Customers can visit their nearest Jugo Juice location and place an order in-store. The Jugo Juice menu is displayed on the overhead menu boards or on printed menus at the store.
  • Uber Eats: Customers can browse the Jugo Juice menu on the Uber Eats app or website and place an order for delivery to their desired location. With Uber Eats, customers can track their orders and receive real-time updates on the status of their delivery.
  • DoorDash: Customers can also use the DoorDash app or website to place an order for delivery from Jugo Juice. DoorDash offers a variety of delivery options, including no-contact delivery and group orders, making it easy to customize orders to fit any needs.
  • SkipTheDishes: SkipTheDishes is another popular option for ordering delivery from Jugo Juice. Customers can use the SkipTheDishes app or website to place an order and track their delivery in real-time. SkipTheDishes also offers a variety of payment options, including credit cards and PayPal.

Ordering from Jugo Juice is quick and easy, with multiple options to choose from. So, whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go, you can easily order your favorite Jugo Juice beverages and food items.

Career Opportunities at Jugo Juice

Jugo Juice is a Canadian company that offers a variety of healthy beverages and food options to its customers. As the brand continues to grow, there are many career opportunities available for individuals who are interested in joining the Jugo Juice team.

Here are some of the career opportunities at Jugo Juice:

  • Store Manager: Store Managers oversee the daily operations of a Jugo Juice location, including managing employees, ensuring customer satisfaction, and maximizing profitability.
  • Shift Supervisor: Shift Supervisors provide support to Store Managers by managing employee schedules, ensuring the cleanliness of the store, and overseeing customer service.
  • Juice and Food Prep: Juice and Food Prep positions involve preparing and making Jugo Juice products according to standard recipes, ensuring quality control and adherence to health and safety regulations.
  • Customer Service Representative: Customer Service Representatives greet customers, take orders, and ensure the overall customer experience is positive.
  • Corporate Positions: Jugo Juice also has opportunities for corporate positions such as Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, and Finance.

Jugo Juice offers competitive compensation and benefits packages, as well as opportunities for career advancement and growth within the company. Individuals who are passionate about health and wellness and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment may find Jugo Juice to be a rewarding career choice.

How Jugo Juice was Started

Jugo Juice was founded in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in 1998 by two health-conscious entrepreneurs, Jason Cunningham, and Derek Brocklehurst. The idea for the company came from the founder’s desire to provide healthy and convenient beverage and food options to people on the go.

The first Jugo Juice location was a small kiosk in a Calgary mall, which quickly gained popularity due to its nutritious and tasty smoothies.

With the success of the first location, the founders expanded the business by opening more locations throughout Calgary and eventually across Canada. Jugo Juice became known for its use of fresh, high-quality ingredients and its commitment to providing healthy options to its customers.

Over the years, Jugo Juice has continued to innovate and expand its menu, offering a variety of healthy food options in addition to its signature smoothies. Today, Jugo Juice has over 140 locations across Canada, serving customers in major cities and smaller communities alike.

Through its dedication to promoting healthy living and providing nutritious options to its customers, Jugo Juice has become a well-known and respected brand in the Canadian food and beverage industry.

Jugo Juice Locations in Canada

Jugo Juice has over 140 locations across Canada, making it easily accessible to customers in many major cities and smaller communities. Here are some of the locations where you can find Jugo Juice in Canada:

  • Alberta: Jugo Juice has locations in major cities such as Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer.
  • British Columbia: Jugo Juice has locations in cities such as Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, and Victoria.
  • Manitoba: Jugo Juice has locations in Winnipeg and other communities throughout the province.
  • Saskatchewan: Jugo Juice has locations in Saskatoon, Regina, and other communities throughout the province.
  • Ontario: Jugo Juice has locations in major cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, and London.
  • Quebec: Jugo Juice has locations in Montreal, Quebec City.
  • Atlantic Canada: Jugo Juice has locations in cities such as Halifax, Moncton, and St. John’s.

Jugo Juice is continually expanding its reach across Canada, so customers can expect to see new locations opening in the future. Customers can also check the Jugo Juice website to find the nearest location to them.


Are the prices the same at every Jugo Juice location in Canada?

The prices may vary slightly between different Jugo Juice locations due to factors such as local operating costs and supply chain expenses.

Can I order from the Jugo Juice menu online?

Yes, Jugo Juice offers online ordering through various delivery services such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, and SkipTheDishes.

Are there any special discounts or promotions available for Jugo Juice products?

Yes, Jugo Juice offers a rewards program where customers can earn points for every purchase and redeem them for free smoothies. They also offer special promotions and deals throughout the year.

Can I customize my Jugo Juice order?

Yes, Jugo Juice offers customization options for its smoothies and food items. You can ask for modifications such as adding or removing ingredients to suit your preferences.

How often does Jugo Juice update its menu and prices?

Jugo Juice updates its menu and prices periodically, usually to reflect changes in seasonal availability and ingredient costs. Customers can check their website or visit their location to see the latest updates.

Can I purchase Jugo Juice gift cards online?

Yes, Jugo Juice offers both physical and digital gift cards that can be purchased online through their website or in-store.

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