Wendy’s Menu Price List Canada

Wendy’s is a popular fast-food chain known for its delicious burgers, fries, and other menu items. Founded in 1969 by Dave Thomas, the chain has grown to become one of the largest fast-food companies in the world, with thousands of locations across the globe.

In Canada, Wendy’s has been a favorite among fast-food lovers since the first Canadian location opened in 1976. Today, Wendy’s continues to offer a wide range of tasty and affordable menu items, making it a go-to spot for a quick and satisfying meal.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Wendy’s menu price list Canada, including popular items like the Baconator and the Frosty. If you’re curious about Wendy’s menu prices in Canada, read on for a comprehensive list of all the items and their costs.

Wendy's Menu Price List Canada
Wendy’s Menu

Wendy’s Menu Price List Canada($)



Dave’s Single®$10.59
Dave’s Double®$11.79
Dave’s Triple®$12.99
Bacon Deluxe$11.59
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$11.19
Spicy Chicken Sandwich$11.19
Classic Chicken Sandwich$11.19
Chicken Strips$10.79
Asiago Ranch Chicken Club$11.79
Son of Baconator®$10.99


Dave’s Single®$6.59
Dave’s Double®$7.79
Dave’s Triple®$8.99
Son of Baconator®$6.99
Bacon Deluxe ¼ lb.* Single$7.59
Bacon Deluxe ½ lb.* Double$8.79
Bacon Deluxe 3/4lb.* Triple$9.99
Double Stack™$3.29
Double JR. Bacon Cheeseburger$3.29
Jr. Hamburger Deluxe$2.09
Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe$2.29
Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger$2.29
Cheesy Cheddarburger$2.09

Chicken, Wraps & More

Spicy Chicken Sandwich$7.19
Classic Chicken Sandwich$7.19
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$7.19
Classic Asiago Ranch Chicken Club$7.79
Spicy Asiago Ranch Chicken Club$7.79
Grilled Asiago Ranch Chicken Club$7.79
Classic Chicken Strips$6.79
6-Piece Crispy Chicken Nuggets$3.29
10-Piece Crispy Chicken Nuggets$6.39
Grilled Chicken Wrap$3.29
Spicy Chicken Wrap$3.29

Fresh-Made Salads

Southwest Avocado Chicken Salad$8.99
Taco Salad$8.99
Apple Pecan Chicken Salad$8.99
Grilled Caesar Salad$8.99
Caesar Side Salad$2.79

Fries & Sides

French Fries$2.29 – $3.69
Poutine$3.29 – $4.99
Bacon Poutine$4.99
Chili Cheese Fries$3.99
Chili Cheese Nachos$2.79
Chili$2.99 – $3.79
Caesar Side Salad$2.79
Plain Baked Potato$2.89
Sour Cream & Chive Baked Potato$2.89
Bacon Cheese Potato$3.99
Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe$2.29
Cheesy Cheddarburger$2.09


Strawberry Lemonade$3.29$3.99$4.19
Original Lemonade$3.29$3.99$4.19
Coke® Zero Sugar$2.29$2.99$3.29
Diet Coke®$2.29$2.99$3.29
Barq’s® Root Beer$2.29$2.99$3.29
Strawberry Passion Fruitopia$2.29$2.99$3.29
Dasani® Bottled Water$2.09
Hot Coffee$1.79$1.99
Original Cold Brew$2.99$3.29
Hot Tea$1.79$2.40
Chocolate Milk$1.69
Honest Kids ® Apple$1.89
Honest Kids ® Fruit Punch$1.89
Simply Orange®$3.19
Simply Apple®$3.19


Hot Coffee$1.79$1.99
Original Cold Brew$2.99$3.29
Vanilla Frosty-Ccino$3.67$4.24
Chocolate Frosty-Ccino$3.67$4.24


Chocolate Frosty®$1.49$1.99$2.99$3.49
Vanilla Frosty®$1.49$1.99$2.99$3.49

Quality Choices

Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger$2.29
6-Piece Crispy Chicken Nuggets$3.29
Spicy Chicken Wrap$3.29
Grilled Chicken Wrap$3.29
Double Stack™$3.29
Double JR. Bacon Cheeseburger$3.29
Small Poutine$3.29

Wendy’s Kids’ Meals

Kids’ 4PC Nuggets$5.29
Kids’ Cheeseburger$4.99
Kids’ Hamburger$4.79

Best Seller Items of Wendy’s Canada

Here are five of the best-selling items on the Wendy’s Canada menu:

  • Baconator – The Baconator is a mouth-watering burger that features two juicy beef patties, six strips of crispy bacon, American cheese, ketchup, and mayonnaise. It’s a classic that has been a fan favorite for years.
  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich – If you’re looking for a little kick with your meal, the Spicy Chicken Sandwich is the way to go. This sandwich features a crispy chicken fillet, spicy mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomato, all served on a toasted bun.
Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  • Dave’s Single – Dave’s Single is a simple yet satisfying burger that features a juicy beef patty, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, ketchup, and mayonnaise. It’s a classic that never disappoints.
Dave's Single
  • Classic Chicken Sandwich – For those who prefer chicken over beef, the Classic Chicken Sandwich is a top seller. It features a tender and crispy chicken fillet, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise, all served on a toasted bun.
Classic Chicken Sandwich
  • Wendy’s Frosty – No meal at Wendy’s is complete without a Frosty. This classic dessert is a delicious combination of chocolate and vanilla flavors and has been a fan favorite for generations. It’s the perfect way to end any meal at Wendy’s.
Wendy's Frosty

Wendy’s Rewards

Wendy’s offers a loyalty program called “Wendy’s Rewards” that allows customers to earn points for their purchases and redeem them for free food and drinks. Customers can sign up for Wendy’s Rewards on Wendy’s app or website, and they’ll receive 10 points for every dollar they spend at participating locations.

As customers accumulate points, they can redeem them for various rewards, such as a free Dave’s Single, a free Spicy Chicken Sandwich, or a free small Frosty. Wendy’s Rewards members also have access to exclusive offers and promotions, making it a great way to save money while enjoying your favorite Wendy’s menu items.

In addition to earning points through purchases, Wendy’s Rewards members can also earn bonus points by referring friends to the program and participating in various challenges and promotions. It’s a great way for Wendy’s to reward its loyal customers and keep them coming back for more.

Wendy’s Gift Cards

Wendy’s Gift Cards are a convenient and flexible way to treat yourself or others to a delicious meal at Wendy’s. Available in denominations of $10 to $100, these gift cards can be customized with a personalized message and mailed to yourself, your family, or friends.

Wendy's Gift Cards

For businesses, Wendy’s also offers Corporate Gift Cards that can be used as incentives for employees or rewards for customers. Companies can inquire about placing a bulk order of gift cards to meet their needs.

Checking the balance on a Wendy’s Gift Card is easy and can be done online, allowing you to keep track of your remaining balance and plan your next Wendy’s meal. And if you want to continue using your gift card after you’ve used up the balance, you can simply reload it online or at any participating Wendy’s location.

Wendy’s Gift Cards are accepted for in-restaurant, drive-thru, online, and mobile app food orders, giving you the flexibility to use them in whichever way is most convenient for you. Whether you’re treating yourself or someone else to a delicious Wendy’s meal, a gift card is a great way to do it.

How to Order from Wendy’s Canada

Ordering from Wendy’s Canada is easy and convenient, and there are several ways to do it:

  • Website – You can order from Wendy’s Canada by visiting their website and selecting the “Order Now” option. From there, you can choose your location, browse the menu, customize your order, and pay for it using a credit or debit card.
  • App – Wendy’s Canada also has a mobile app that you can download from the App Store or Google Play. The app allows you to order and pay for your food directly from your phone, as well as track your order status and earn rewards through the Wendy’s Rewards program.
  • Third-party delivery service – If you prefer to have your food delivered, Wendy’s Canada partners with several third-party delivery services, such as Uber Eats and DoorDash. You can place your order through these websites or apps and have your food delivered right to your doorstep.

No matter which method you choose, ordering from Wendy’s Canada is quick and easy, and you’ll be able to enjoy their delicious menu items in no time.

Career Opportunities at Wendy’s Canada

Wendy’s Canada offers a wide range of career opportunities for individuals who are passionate about delivering high-quality food and exceptional customer service. Here are three types of career opportunities available at Wendy’s Canada:

  • Crew – Crew members are the backbone of Wendy’s team and are responsible for preparing food, serving customers, and maintaining a clean and organized restaurant environment. Wendy’s offers flexible schedules, competitive pay, and opportunities for growth and advancement for crew members.
  • Store Management – Wendy’s Canada also offers management positions for those who are interested in leading and developing a team of crew members. Store managers are responsible for ensuring the restaurant runs smoothly, meeting sales goals, and providing exceptional customer service. Wendy’s provides training and support to help managers succeed in their roles and offers opportunities for career growth within the company.
  • Corporate – For those interested in working in a corporate setting, Wendy’s Canada offers a variety of roles in areas such as marketing, finance, human resources, and more. These positions require specialized skills and experience but offer competitive salaries and benefits, as well as opportunities for professional development and advancement.

Whether you’re interested in starting as a crew member, becoming a store manager, or working in a corporate role, Wendy’s Canada offers a range of exciting career opportunities for individuals who are passionate about the fast food industry and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

How Wendy’s was Started

Wendy’s was started in 1969 by Dave Thomas, a successful entrepreneur who had already made a name for himself in the fast food industry. Thomas had previously worked for Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and helped to expand the chain across the United States. However, he left KFC in the 1960s to start his own restaurant chain.

The first Wendy’s restaurant opened in Columbus, Ohio, and was named after Thomas’s daughter, Melinda, who was nicknamed “Wendy”. Thomas’s vision for Wendy’s was to create a fast-food restaurant that served high-quality food and provided exceptional customer service. To achieve this, he focused on using fresh ingredients, such as never-frozen beef, and providing made-to-order meals for customers.

Wendy’s quickly gained popularity and began expanding across the United States and into international markets. Today, Wendy’s is a global fast-food chain with thousands of restaurants in over 30 countries, and it continues to be known for its commitment to quality food and customer satisfaction.

Dave Thomas remained involved with Wendy’s throughout his life, serving as the company’s spokesperson and appearing in many of its commercials. He passed away in 2002, but his legacy lives on through the continued success of Wendy’s and its commitment to providing high-quality fast food to customers around the world.


Are Wendy’s menu prices the same across all Canadian locations?

Wendy’s menu prices may vary slightly between different locations in Canada due to factors such as local taxes and operating costs. However, the overall menu and pricing structure are the same across all Canadian locations.

Does Wendy’s Canada offer any discounts or promotions on their menu items?

Yes, Wendy’s Canada regularly offers discounts and promotions on their menu items, which can be viewed on their website or mobile app. They also offer a loyalty program called Wendy’s Rewards, which allows customers to earn rewards and discounts on their purchases.

Are Wendy’s Canada menu prices inclusive of taxes?

No, Wendy’s Canada menu prices do not include taxes. The taxes will be added to your total at checkout.

Can I customize my order at Wendy’s Canada, and will it affect the price?

Yes, you can customize your order at Wendy’s Canada to meet your preferences. Some customizations may affect the price of the item, such as adding extra toppings or upgrading the size of your meal.

Does Wendy’s Canada offer any vegetarian or vegan options on their menu, and how much do they cost?

Yes, Wendy’s Canada offers vegetarian and vegan options on their menu, such as the Veggie Deluxe Sandwich and the Spicy Black Bean Burger. The prices for these items vary depending on the location and any customizations you make to the order.

Are there any allergens present in Wendy’s Canada menu items, and can I view allergen information online?

Yes, Wendy’s Canada provides allergen information for their menu items on their website and mobile app. They also offer options for customers with dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free buns and grilled chicken.

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