Wendys Menu Prices USA

When it comes to fast-food chains in the United States, Wendy’s is a household name that needs no introduction. Founded by Dave Thomas in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio, Wendy’s has become one of the most recognizable names in the fast-food industry, with over 6,700 locations in 30 countries worldwide.

With its iconic square-shaped burgers, delicious Frostys, and innovative menu items, Wendy’s has established itself as a favorite among fast-food aficionados of all ages. But while Wendy’s has certainly come a long way since its humble beginnings, the chain has remained true to its founding principles of serving high-quality food made with fresh ingredients.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Wendys menu prices USA, giving you a better understanding of what makes this fast-food chain so special.

Wendys Menu Prices USA
Wendy’s Menu

Wendys Menu Prices USA($) Updated


Bacon Double Stack$3.89
Big Bacon Classic Triple$8.99
Big Bacon Classic®$6.89
Big Bacon Classic® Double$8.09
Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger$6.69
Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger Double$7.89
Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger Triple$8.99
Dave’s Double®$6.99
Dave’s Single®$5.89
Dave’s Triple®$8.09
Double Stack™$3.59
Italian Mozzarella Cheeseburger, Double$8.19
Italian Mozzarella Cheeseburger, Single$6.99
Italian Mozzarella Cheeseburger, Triple$9.29
Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger$3.49
Jr. Cheeseburger$2.69
Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe$2.69
Jr. Hamburger$2.09
Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger$6.99
Pretzel Bacon Pub Double$8.19
Pretzel Bacon Pub Triple$9.29
Son of Baconator®$5.79

Chicken, Nuggets & More

10 PC. Crispy Chicken Nuggets$5.19
10 PC. Spicy Chicken Nuggets$5.19
4 PC. Crispy Chicken Nuggets$2.19
4 PC. Spicy Chicken Nuggets$2.19
6 PC. Crispy Chicken Nuggets$2.89
6 PC. Spicy Chicken Nuggets$2.89
Asiago Ranch Classic Chicken Club$7.29
Classic Chicken Sandwich$6.39
Crispy Chicken BLT$3.49
Crispy Chicken Sandwich$2.69
Grilled Asiago Ranch Club$7.29
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$6.39
Grilled Pretzel Bacon Pub$7.39
Italian Mozzarella Chicken$7.39
Pretzel Bacon Pub Chicken$7.39
Spicy Asiago Ranch Club$7.29
Spicy Chicken Sandwich$6.39
Spicy Pretzel Bacon Pub$7.39

Fresh-Made Salads

Apple Pecan Salad$7.99
Parmesan Caesar Salad$7.99
Southwest Avocado Salad$7.99
Taco Salad$7.99

Fries & Sides

French Fries$2.19-$3.69
4 PC. Crispy Chicken Nuggets$2.19
4 PC. Spicy Chicken Nuggets$2.19
6 PC. Crispy Chicken Nuggets$2.89
6 PC. Spicy Chicken Nuggets$2.89
Apple Bites$1.69
Bacon Cheese Baked Potato$4.39
Baconator Fries$4.79
Cheese Baked Potato$3.69
Cheese Fries$3.99
Chili & Cheese Baked Potato$3.99
Chili Cheese Fries$4.09
Garlic Fries$3.99
Plain Baked Potato$3.19
Pub Fries$4.79
Sour Cream and Chive Baked Potato$3.69


10 PC Nuggets Combo$10.49
Asiago Ranch Chicken Club Combo$12.79
Big Bacon Classic® Combo$12.39
Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger Combo$12.09
Classic Chicken Sandwich Combo$11.39
Dave’s Combo$10.89
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Combo$11.69
Italian Mozzarella Cheeseburger Combo$12.29
Italian Mozzarella Chicken Combo$12.69
Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger Combo$12.29
Pretzel Bacon Pub Chicken Sandwich Combo$12.69
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo$11.69

Meal Deals

Crispy Chicken BLT Biggie™ Bag$5.00
Double Stack™ Biggie™ Bag$5.00
Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger Biggie™ Bag$5.00
Jr. Cheeseburger – 4 for $4 Meal$4.44
Jr. Cheeseburger Meal Deal$4.44

Biggie Deals

Bacon Double Stack$3.89
Crispy Chicken BLT$3.49
Crispy Chicken Sandwich$2.69
Double Stack™$3.59
Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger$3.49
Jr. Cheeseburger$2.69
Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe$2.69
Jr. Hamburger$2.09

Wendy’s Kids’ Meal®

Kids’ 4 PC. Spicy Nuggets$4.59
Kids’ 4PC Nuggets$4.59
Kids’ Cheeseburger$4.59
Kids’ Hamburger$4.59


Chocolate Chunk Cookie$1.79
Oatmeal Bar$1.79
Sugar Cookie$1.79


Classic Chocolate Frosty®$1.99-$3.59
Vanilla Frosty®$1.99-$3.59


All-Natural Lemonade$3.19-$3.79
Chocolate Frosty-ccino®$2.79/$3.19
Chocolate Milk$2.19
Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar$2.39-$2.99
Cold Brew Iced Coffee$2.49/$2.79
Diet Coke®$2.39-$2.99
Dr Pepper®$2.39-$2.99
Fanta® Orange$2.39-$2.99
Fresh Brewed Coffee$2.92/$3.25
Fresh Brewed Decaffeinated Coffee$2.92/$3.25
Hi-C® Flashin’ Fruit Punch®$2.39-$2.99
Honest Kids® Fruit Punch$1.49
Iced Tea$2.39-$2.99
Pineapple Mango Lemonade$3.19-$3.79
Pure Life® Bottled Water$1.99
Simply Orange® Juice$3.09
Strawberry Lemonade$3.19-$3.79
Strawberry Sweet Iced Tea$1.79-$2.49
Sunburst Melon Lemonade$3.19-$3.79
Sweet Iced Tea$2.39-$2.99
Vanilla Frosty-ccino®$2.79/$3.19

Best Seller Items of Wendy’s

Here are five popular menu items at Wendy’s:

  • Dave’s Single: This classic burger is made with a quarter-pound beef patty, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, ketchup, mayo, and onion on a toasted bun. It’s named after Wendy’s founder, Dave Thomas, and is a fan favorite for its simple yet delicious flavor.
Dave's Single
  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich: This sandwich features a juicy, breaded chicken breast, spicy seasoning, lettuce, and mayo on a toasted bun. It’s the perfect option for those who like a little kick with their meal.
Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  • Baconator: If you’re looking for a heartier burger option, the Baconator is the way to go. This monster burger features two beef patties, six strips of crispy bacon, ketchup, mayo, and American cheese on a toasted bun. It’s a meat lover’s dream come true.
  • Asiago Ranch Chicken Club: This sandwich is made with a crispy, breaded chicken breast, Asiago cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and creamy ranch dressing on a toasted bun. It’s a popular choice among chicken sandwich lovers for its bold and savory flavors.
Asiago Ranch Chicken Club
  • Frosty: No trip to Wendy’s is complete without indulging in their famous Frosty. This creamy, chocolate or vanilla-flavored frozen treat is the perfect way to cool down on a hot day or satisfy your sweet tooth after a meal. Plus, you can even dip your fries in it for a unique and tasty snack.

How to Order from Wendy’s

Here’s a guide on how to order from Wendy’s through their website, app, and hotline number:

  1. Ordering from Wendy’s website:
  • Go to Wendy’s official website at www.wendys.com.
  • Click on the “Order” button located in the top-right corner of the homepage.
  • Select your preferred location and choose the items you want to order from the online menu.
  • Customize your order by selecting your preferred toppings, sides, and drinks.
  • Review your order and proceed to checkout.
  • Enter your payment and delivery information, and confirm your order.
  • Wait for your order to be delivered or pick it up from the restaurant.
  1. Ordering from Wendy’s app:
  • Download and install Wendy’s app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Open the app and sign up for an account or log in if you already have one.
  • Select your preferred location and choose the items you want to order from the online menu.
  • Customize your order by selecting your preferred toppings, sides, and drinks.
  • Review your order and proceed to checkout.
  • Enter your payment and delivery information, and confirm your order.
  • Wait for your order to be delivered or pick it up from the restaurant.
  1. Ordering from Wendy’s hotline number:
  • Dial Wendy’s hotline number at +1 407-843-4628.
  • Follow the instructions provided by the automated voice menu to place your order.
  • Provide the necessary information, such as your preferred location, menu items, and customization options.
  • Confirm your order and provide your payment and delivery information over the phone.
  • Wait for your order to be delivered or pick it up from the restaurant.

Wendy’s Gift Card

Wendy’s gift cards are a great way to treat your friends, family, or yourself to a tasty meal at one of their many locations. Gift cards are available in physical or electronic form, and can be purchased online, in-store, or through select retailers.

Wendy's Gift Card

Physical gift cards can be purchased at any participating Wendy’s location, while electronic gift cards can be purchased online through Wendy’s website or app. The gift cards can be loaded with any amount between $10 to $100, and they never expire. You can also check your gift card balance online or through Wendy’s app.

To redeem your gift card, simply present it at the time of purchase either in-store or through the mobile app. The gift card balance will be applied to the total cost of your order. Keep in mind that Wendy’s gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash and cannot be used to purchase other gift cards.

Overall, Wendy’s gift cards are a convenient and delicious way to share the love of their fresh and tasty food with your loved ones or to treat yourself to a meal on the go.

Career Opportunities at Wendy’s

1) Restaurant Careers:

If you’re interested in a career in the fast-food industry, Wendy’s offers a variety of restaurant-based job opportunities, including team member, shift supervisor, assistant manager, and general manager positions.

As a restaurant team member, you will be responsible for taking orders, preparing food, and providing excellent customer service to ensure a positive dining experience for customers.

Shift supervisors, assistant managers, and general managers have additional responsibilities related to managing the restaurant, including overseeing daily operations, scheduling employees, and ensuring compliance with company policies and standards.

2) Corporate Careers:

Wendy’s also offers a variety of corporate career opportunities in areas such as marketing, finance, human resources, and technology. These roles are based in their corporate headquarters in Dublin, Ohio, and support the company’s overall operations and strategic goals.

Corporate careers at Wendy’s can include positions such as marketing manager, financial analyst, human resources generalist, and IT specialist.

Wendy’s is committed to fostering a culture of diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity for all employees. They offer competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits packages, and opportunities for advancement within the company.

Additionally, Wendy’s provides training and development programs for employees at all levels to help them build their skills and achieve their career goals. Interested Candidates, please visit https://wendys-careers.com/.

Wendy’s Outlets in USA

Wendy’s has a strong presence in the United States, with over 5,800 locations across all 50 states. The restaurant chain has a diverse footprint, with locations in urban and suburban areas, as well as in rural communities.

Wendy’s outlets are typically found in standalone buildings or in strip malls and shopping centers and are easily recognizable by the restaurant’s signature red and yellow color scheme and iconic logo.

In addition to its traditional locations, Wendy’s has also expanded its presence through non-traditional outlets such as food trucks, kiosks, and express locations in airports and other high-traffic areas.

Wendy’s is committed to providing high-quality food and fast, friendly service at all of its locations, and regularly introduces new menu items and promotions to keep customers coming back. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite on the go or a sit-down meal with friends and family, Wendy’s has a location near you.

How Wendy’s was Started

Wendy’s is a popular fast-food chain that was founded in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio, by Dave Thomas. The name “Wendy’s” was inspired by Thomas’ daughter, Melinda Lou, whose childhood nickname was “Wendy.”

Before starting Wendy’s, Dave Thomas had already gained experience in the fast-food industry by working for other chains such as Kentucky Fried Chicken and Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips. He was also involved in the creation and marketing of the iconic “Where’s the Beef?” advertising campaign for Wendy’s in the 1980s.

Thomas founded Wendy’s with the goal of providing customers with high-quality, fresh food and fast, friendly service. The restaurant’s signature menu items, such as the square-shaped hamburgers, the Frosty dessert, and the chili, have become iconic in the fast-food industry.

Wendy’s quickly expanded, with its first international location opening in Canada in 1976. By the 1980s, Wendy’s had become the third-largest fast-food chain in the world, behind McDonald’s and Burger King. Today, Wendy’s has over 6,700 locations worldwide and continues to innovate and expand its menu offerings to meet the changing tastes and preferences of its customers.


How often do Wendy’s menu prices change?

Wendy’s menu prices may change periodically to reflect market conditions, changes in ingredient costs, and other factors. However, Wendy’s strives to provide consistent value to its customers and typically only makes small adjustments to menu prices as needed.

Are Wendy’s menu prices the same at all locations?

While Wendy’s aims to provide consistent pricing across all of its locations, there may be slight variations in menu prices due to regional differences in ingredient costs and other factors. Additionally, franchise-owned locations may have slightly different prices than company-owned locations.

Does Wendy’s offer any discounts or promotions on menu items?

Yes, Wendy’s regularly offers discounts and promotions on menu items through its mobile app, website, and other channels. These may include limited-time offers, coupons, and combo meal deals that provide savings on multiple menu items.

Does Wendy’s offer any vegetarian or vegan menu items?

Yes, Wendy’s offers several vegetarian and vegan menu items, including the Spicy Black Bean Burger, the Garden Side Salad, and the Baked Potato. Additionally, many of Wendy’s menu items can be customized to accommodate vegetarian or vegan diets, such as by omitting meat or cheese.

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