Zoes Kitchen Menu Price List USA

When it comes to experiencing a delectable blend of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and American classics, Zoes Kitchen emerges as a prominent choice for food enthusiasts across the United States. With a diverse menu that caters to various tastes and preferences, Zoes Kitchen has carved a niche for itself in the culinary landscape.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Zoes Kitchen menu price list USA, providing you with a comprehensive guide to its tantalizing offerings. From vibrant salads and hearty pitas to flavorful kabobs and mouthwatering pasta bowls, Zoes Kitchen has something to satisfy every craving.

But before we delve into the enticing menu options, let’s take a moment to explore the history behind Zoes Kitchen and how it has become a beloved culinary destination. Zoes Kitchen has a rich history that dates back to its humble beginnings in 1995. It all started with a single restaurant in Homewood, Alabama, founded by Zoë Cassimus.

So, without further ado, let’s embark on a culinary journey and discover the enticing menu options and their corresponding prices at Zoes Kitchen locations throughout the USA. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and experience a fusion of flavors that will leave you craving for more.

Zoes Kitchen Menu Price List USA
Zoes Kitchen Menu

Zoes Kitchen Menu Price List USA($)


Feed the Family

Small Med Chicken Family Meal$64.79
Small Kabob Family Meal$64.79
Rollup Family Meal (Small)$61.19
Rollup Family Meal (Large)$65.19
Mediterranean Chicken Family Dinner$76.79
Large Med Chicken Family Meal$69.59
Large Kabob Family Meal$69.59
Kabobs Family Dinner$81.59


Spicy Hummus$8.03
Hummus Trio with Falafel$9.19
Hummus Trio$10.55
Classic Hummus$7.91
Basil Pesto Hummus$8.03
Avocado Smash$9.11


Tomato Bisque$6.83
Mediterranean Lentil$17.51
Lentil Soup$7.91
Chicken & Orzo$7.07


Falafel & Salad$12.83
Hummus & Salad$12.23
Mediterranean Chicken$13.79


Greek Chicken$13.19
Harissa Salmon$15.59
Rustic Lamb$14.63


Bottled Of Zoes Greek Dressing$5.99
Classic Greek$11.27
Tossed Greek$11.27

Boxed Lunches

Steak Kabobs$18.23
Greek Chicken Pita$13.19
Chicken Salad Sandwich$11.99
Chicken Kabobs$14.39


Kabob Combo$17.63
Shrimp Kabobs$18.23
Spicy Chicken$15.11

Famous Fresh Tube Cakes

Potato Salad$4.19
Pasta Salad$4.19
Crispy Chickpeas$2.63
Chicken Salad Slice$4.79
Bottle Of Zoes Greek Dressing$5.99
1/2 Pint Hummus$7.43
1 Pint Hummus$11.39


Steak Kabob Cauliflower Rice$17.15
Salmon Califlower$16.91
Lamb Meatball Cauliflower Rice Bowl$16.79
Falafel Cauliflower Rice Bowl$13.19
Chicken Cauliflower Rice Bowl$13.91
Cauliflower Rice$12.59


Steak Stack$12.23
Spicy Grilled Chicken$12.23
Pick Two$11.99
Falafel, Lettuce, Tomato$11.27
Chicken Salad Sandwich$11.99
Chicken Salad$11.39


Chicken Rollups$12.95
Spinach Feta$12.95

Kid’s Menu

Cheese Quesadilla$7.19
Chicken Quesadilla$6.59
Chicken Salad Sandwich$6.71
Grilled Cheese$6.47
Grilled Chicken Fingers$7.19
Pasta Bowl$6.59
Salmon Kabob$7.79
Shrimp Kabob$7.79


Braised White Beans$4.19
Chicken Salad Rice$4.79
Crispy Chickpeas$2.63
Deep River Chips$2.39
Roasted Vegetables$4.19
Side Greek Rice$5.99
Side Pita Chips$2.39
Turmic Rice$4.19


Yaya’s Chocolate Cake$4.79
Chocolate Chip Cookie$3.59


Still Water$2.99
Sparkling Water$2.99
Soft Drink$3.59
Regualr Drink$3.23
Large Drink$3.59
Juices + Teas$3.59

Sauces + Dressing

Spicy Aioli$0.95
Spice Rub$1.31
Salsa Verde$0.95
Lemon Herb Tahini$0.95

Best Seller Items of Zoes Kitchen

Here are some of the best-selling items from Zoes Kitchen menu:

1) Spicy Chicken Kabobs:

Indulge in the bold flavors of Zoes Kitchen’s Spicy Chicken Kabobs. This dish features two succulent chicken kabobs seasoned with a tantalizing Mediterranean spice rub.

Grilled to perfection, the kabobs are then topped with bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes, adding a delightful burst of color and freshness to every bite.

Spicy Chicken Kabobs

2) Steak Kabobs:

For meat lovers, the Steak Kabobs at Zoes Kitchen is a true delight. Two steak kabobs are marinated in Zoes Kitchen’s signature Balsamic Mostarda glaze, infusing them with a harmonious blend of tangy and sweet flavors.

These mouthwatering kabobs are also accompanied by bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes, enhancing the overall taste and visual appeal.

Steak Kabobs

3) Classic Greek:

Experience the essence of Mediterranean cuisine with Zoes Kitchen’s Classic Greek salad. Crisp spring mix is combined with grape tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, olives, red onions, and feta cheese.

Served over a bed of flavorful potato salad and accompanied by a side of pita bread, this refreshing salad is perfectly complemented by the tangy Zoës Greek Dressing.

Classic Greek

4) Hummus Trio with Falafel:

For a delightful combination of flavors and textures, the Hummus Trio with Falafel is a must-try. This platter features three distinct hummus varieties: Basil Pesto, Spicy, and Classic.

Alongside the creamy hummus, you’ll find perfectly fried falafel, pita bread, pita chips, cucumbers, bell peppers, and grape tomatoes. It’s a perfect option for sharing or as a satisfying appetizer.

Hummus Trio with Falafel

5) Chicken Orzo Soup – Bowl:

Warm up with Zoes Kitchen’s comforting Chicken Orzo Soup. This take on the classic chicken noodle soup features tender orzo pasta, flavorful chicken, and a hint of zesty lemon. Served with a side of pita bread, this hearty soup is sure to nourish both your body and soul.

Chicken Orzo Soup

6) Chicken Salad Sandwich:

Indulge in a classic favorite, the Chicken Salad Sandwich. Zoes Kitchen prepares this sandwich with an all-white-meat chicken salad, complemented by a fresh spring mix and juicy tomatoes. Served on wholesome multigrain bread, it’s a satisfying choice for a quick and delicious meal.

Chicken Salad Sandwich

7) Chicken Rollups:

For a handheld delight, try Zoes Kitchen’s Chicken Rollups. Grilled chicken, creamy feta cheese, ripe tomatoes, and caramelized onions are expertly rolled in a warm tortilla, creating a flavorful combination that will surely satisfy your cravings.

Chicken Rollups

These best-selling items at Zoes Kitchen are just a glimpse of the diverse and mouthwatering menu options available. Whether you’re craving kabobs, salads, soups, or sandwiches, Zoes Kitchen offers a variety of delectable dishes that cater to different tastes and preferences.

How to Order from Zoes Kitchen

When it comes to ordering from Zoes Kitchen, you have two convenient options: in-restaurant ordering and using third-party delivery services. Let’s take a closer look at both methods:

1) In-Restaurant Ordering:

To place an order directly at a Zoes Kitchen location, follow these steps:

  • Locate the nearest Zoes Kitchen restaurant using their website or a mapping application.
  • Visit the restaurant during its operating hours.
  • Upon arrival, approach the counter or designated ordering area.
  • Take a moment to browse through the menu, either displayed on the wall, on printed menus, or on digital screens.
  • Once you’ve decided on your desired items, step forward and inform the friendly staff of your order.
  • They will guide you through the ordering process, answer any questions you may have, and provide recommendations if needed.
  • Specify any customizations or dietary preferences you may have.
  • Make the payment at the counter, using cash, credit/debit card, or any other accepted payment method.
  • After the payment is completed, the staff will prepare your order.
  • Once ready, your food will be served to you either for dine-in or as a takeaway, depending on your preference.

2) Third-Party Delivery Service:

Zoes Kitchen also collaborates with various third-party delivery services, allowing you to enjoy their delicious food from the comfort of your own home. Here’s how you can order through a third-party delivery service:

  • Choose a preferred third-party delivery platform such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, or Postmates.
  • Open the corresponding app or visit the website of the delivery service.
  • Enter your location or enable location services to ensure accurate restaurant suggestions.
  • Look for Zoes Kitchen within the available restaurant options.
  • Browse the menu provided on the delivery platform.
  • Select the dishes you wish to order, adding them to your cart.
  • Review your order to ensure accuracy and make any necessary modifications or additions.
  • Proceed to the checkout page.
  • Provide your delivery address and any additional delivery instructions if needed.
  • Choose your preferred payment method and complete the transaction.
  • Once the order is confirmed, you will receive updates on the status of your delivery, including the estimated delivery time.
  • Sit back, relax, and wait for your delicious Zoes Kitchen meal to arrive at your doorstep.

Whether you opt for in-restaurant ordering or utilize a third-party delivery service, Zoes Kitchen strives to provide a seamless and satisfying ordering experience.

Enjoy the convenience of having their mouthwatering dishes delivered to you or the pleasure of dining in their warm and inviting restaurant ambiance.


Are Zoes Kitchen menu items customizable to accommodate dietary restrictions or preferences?

Yes, Zoes Kitchen strives to cater to various dietary needs and preferences. They offer options for gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan diets. You can also request modifications or substitutions for certain ingredients to meet your specific requirements.

Does Zoes Kitchen offer any seasonal or limited-time menu items?

Yes, Zoes Kitchen periodically introduces seasonal or limited-time menu items to provide customers with fresh and exciting flavors. These items may vary depending on the time of year and location, so be sure to check their menu or inquire with the staff about any special offerings.

Are the prices on Zoes Kitchen’s menu the same across all locations in the USA?

While Zoes Kitchen aims to maintain consistency in pricing, there may be slight variations in menu prices based on factors such as location, regional costs, and local market conditions. It’s recommended to check the specific Zoes Kitchen location or their online ordering platform for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Are there any discounts, promotions, or loyalty programs available for Zoes Kitchen’s menu items?

Zoes Kitchen occasionally offers discounts, promotions, or loyalty programs to enhance the dining experience for its valued customers. These may include special deals for certain menu items, limited-time offers, or loyalty rewards. Stay updated by visiting their official website, signing up for their newsletter, or following their social media channels for any ongoing promotions.

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