Chipotle Menu Price List Canada

Chipotle is a well-known fast-food chain that has gained immense popularity in Canada over the past few years. With its delicious burritos, bowls, tacos, and salads, Chipotle has become a go-to destination for food lovers across the country.

The brand has a rich history in Canada, with its first Canadian location opening in Toronto in 2008. Since then, the chain has expanded rapidly, with locations now spanning across the country, including Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary.

In this article, we will explore the Chipotle menu price list Canada, including the prices of popular items such as burritos, bowls, and tacos. We will also examine the history of Chipotle in Canada, and how the brand has evolved over the years to become one of the most beloved fast-food chains in the country.

Chipotle Menu Price List Canada
Chipotle Menu

Chipotle Menu Price List Canada($)


Most Popular

Burrito Bowl$13.30
Kid’s Build Your Own$8.20
Kids Quesadilla$7.30
Large Side of Guacamole$6.65
Large Side of Queso Blanco$6.65
Three Tacos$13.30


Burrito Bowl$13.30
Kid’s Build Your Own$8.20
Kids Quesadilla$7.30
Three Tacos$13.30


Chips & Fresh Tomato Salsa$3.15
Chips & Guacamole$5.25
Chips & Queso Blanco$5.25
Large Chips & Large Guacamole$9.50
Large Chips & Large Queso Blanco$9.50
Large Side of Guacamole$6.65
Side of Guacamole$3.35
Side of Queso Blanco$3.35
Tortilla on the Side$0.45


Blood Orange Sparkling Fruit Beverage$3.55
Bottled Water$2.70
Lemon Sparkling Fruit Beverage$3.55
Orange Sparkling Fruit Beverage$3.55

Lifestyle Bowls

High Protein Bowl$18.70
Keto Salad Bowl$17.30
Paleo Salad Bowl$16.65
Vegan Bowl$13.30
Vegetarian Salad Bowl$13.30
Whole30® Salad Bowl$16.65

Best Seller Items of Chipotle Canada

Here are the best-selling items at Chipotle Canada:

  • Burrito: A large flour tortilla filled with your choice of protein (such as chicken, steak, or sofritas), rice, beans, cheese, and a variety of toppings and sauces.
  • Burrito Bowl: A bowl filled with your choice of protein, rice, beans, cheese, and a variety of toppings and sauces, served without the tortilla.
Burrito Bowl
  • Chips & Guacamole: A popular side dish consisting of freshly made tortilla chips served with a side of creamy, flavorful guacamole.
Chips & Guacamole
  • Quesadilla: A grilled flour tortilla filled with melted cheese and your choice of protein, served with a side of sour cream, salsa, and guacamole.
  • High Protein Bowl: A bowl filled with your choice of protein (such as chicken, steak, or carnitas), black beans, fajita vegetables, and a variety of toppings and sauces, providing a high-protein meal option.
High Protein Bowl
  • Veggie Full Bowl: A vegetarian-friendly option filled with a variety of fresh veggies, beans, cheese, and a variety of toppings and sauces, offering a healthy and satisfying meal.
Veggie Full Bowl
  • Chips & Queso Blanco: Freshly made tortilla chips served with a side of warm, creamy queso blanco cheese dip, perfect as a snack or for sharing.
Chips & Queso Blanco

These items are among the most popular choices at Chipotle Canada, known for their delicious flavors, high-quality ingredients, and customizable options.

Chipotle Rewards

Chipotle Rewards is a loyalty program that allows customers to earn points for every dollar spent on orders placed in-restaurant, online, or through the app. Members can redeem their points for a variety of rewards in the Rewards Exchange, including free food, drinks, and exclusive merchandise.

New members can get a free order of guacamole instantly upon sign-up, and members also receive a special treat on their birthday. Additionally, members can earn extra points and collect achievement badges by taking advantage of various promotions and offers, which can be found in the Extras section of the app.

Chipotle Rewards members also get early access to new menu items and exclusive merchandise, as well as insider information about upcoming promotions and events. With its fast and easy way to earn free Chipotle, the Chipotle Rewards program is a popular choice for frequent customers of the chain.

How to Order from Chipotle Canada

Ordering from Chipotle Canada is easy and convenient, customers can order using these several methods:

  • Website: Customers can order online from Chipotle Canada’s website by selecting their preferred location and choosing from the menu options. After customizing their order, customers can pay online and choose to either pick up their order in-store or have it delivered to their preferred location.
  • App: The Chipotle app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. Customers can use the app to place orders, customize their meals, and pay with a credit card or gift card. The app also includes the Chipotle Rewards program, allowing members to earn points for every dollar spent and redeem rewards for free food and other perks.
  • Third-Party Delivery Service: Customers can also order from Chipotle Canada through third-party delivery services such as Uber Eats, SkipTheDishes, or DoorDash. Customers can select their preferred delivery service website or app and place their order through the delivery service’s platform. Delivery fees and availability may vary depending on the delivery service and location.

Regardless of the ordering method chosen, customers can expect the same high-quality ingredients, customizable options, and fast service that Chipotle Canada is known for.

Chipotle Catering

Chipotle offers catering services that allow customers to order large quantities of food for events such as office lunches, birthday parties, or corporate events. The catering menu offers a variety of options, including burritos, burrito bowls, salads, and tacos, with the ability to customize each order to meet specific dietary needs or preferences.

Orders can be placed online or in-store, and customers can choose from a variety of catering packages designed to serve groups of 6 to 200 people. Each catering package includes a selection of menu items, sides, and toppings, with the option to add drinks and desserts for an additional fee.

Chipotle Catering also offers delivery and set-up services for an additional fee, making it a convenient option for those planning events or gatherings. Customers can schedule delivery times in advance and track their orders through the Chipotle website or app.

Chipotle Catering offers a delicious and convenient option for those looking to feed a large group of people with high-quality ingredients and customizable options. With its easy online ordering process and convenient delivery and set-up services, Chipotle Catering is a popular choice for events of all sizes.

Career Opportunities at Chipotle Canada

Chipotle Canada offers a range of career opportunities in various fields, from entry-level positions to management roles. Some of the job positions available at Chipotle Canada include:

  • Crew Member: This entry-level position involves preparing food, providing excellent customer service, and maintaining a clean and organized work environment.
  • Kitchen Manager: This role involves overseeing the daily operations of the kitchen, managing inventory, and ensuring that all food safety and quality standards are met.
  • General Manager: This position involves managing all aspects of the restaurant, including staffing, financial management, and customer service. General Managers are responsible for ensuring that the restaurant operates efficiently and profitably.
  • Field Leader: Field Leaders oversee the operations of multiple Chipotle locations and are responsible for training and developing team members, ensuring compliance with company policies and procedures, and driving business results.
  • Corporate Positions: Chipotle Canada also offers a range of corporate positions, including marketing, finance, human resources, and information technology.

Chipotle Canada offers competitive wages and benefits, opportunities for career advancement, and a positive work environment that values teamwork, integrity, and innovation.

To learn more about career opportunities at Chipotle Canada, interested candidates can visit the company’s website or speak to a manager at their local restaurant.

How Chipotle was Started in Canada

Chipotle first expanded to Canada in August 2008 when it opened its first location outside of the United States in Toronto. The Canadian expansion was part of Chipotle’s larger plan to expand internationally and bring its mission of providing high-quality, sustainably-sourced food to a global audience.

The Toronto location was followed by additional locations in Vancouver, Edmonton, and other major Canadian cities. Like its US locations, Chipotle Canada uses high-quality ingredients sourced from local suppliers whenever possible and offers a range of customizable menu options to cater to different dietary needs and preferences.

Since its launch in Canada, Chipotle has continued to expand its footprint, introducing new menu items and promotional deals to attract new customers and retain its loyal fanbase. With a commitment to quality ingredients, sustainable sourcing, and customer satisfaction, Chipotle Canada has become a popular destination for fast-casual dining across the country.

Chipotle Locations in Canada

Chipotle has locations in several cities across Canada, including:

  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Mississauga, Ontario
  • Vaughan, Ontario
  • Markham, Ontario
  • Oakville, Ontario
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Burnaby, British Columbia
  • Richmond, British Columbia
  • Coquitlam, British Columbia
  • Surrey, British Columbia
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • Sherwood Park, Alberta
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba

These locations offer customers the same high-quality, customizable menu options that are available at Chipotle locations in the United States, with a focus on fresh, sustainably-sourced ingredients and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Customers can place orders in-store, online, or through the Chipotle app, and can also take advantage of the company’s catering services for events and gatherings.


Is the Chipotle menu the same in Canada as it is in the United States?

While the core menu offerings at Chipotle in Canada and the United States are similar, there may be some regional differences in menu items and pricing due to differences in sourcing and supply chain logistics. However, customers can expect to find many of their favorite menu items at Chipotle locations in both countries.

Are the prices on the Chipotle menu in Canada the same as in the United States?

The prices on the Chipotle menu in Canada may be slightly higher or lower than the prices in the United States due to differences in currency exchange rates and other factors. However, the overall pricing structure is generally similar across both countries.

Does Chipotle offer vegetarian and vegan options on its menu in Canada?

Yes, Chipotle offers a range of vegetarian and vegan options on its menu in Canada, including its popular sofritas filling made with seasoned tofu, as well as vegetable bowls and burritos.

Can customers customize their orders at Chipotle in Canada?

Yes, customers can customize their orders at Chipotle in Canada by choosing from a range of fillings, toppings, and sauces to create their perfect burrito, bowl, salad, or taco.

Does Chipotle in Canada offer any special promotions or deals?

Yes, Chipotle in Canada frequently offers special promotions and deals to its customers, including limited-time menu items, discounts on catering orders, and rewards for loyalty program members. Customers can stay up-to-date on the latest promotions and deals by checking the company’s website or following its social media channels.

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