Shake Shack Menu Price List USA

Shake Shack has become a beloved burger chain, known for its fresh ingredients, simple menu, and modern aesthetic. Since its inception in 2004 as a hot dog stand in New York City’s Madison Square Park, Shake Shack has expanded to over 300 locations worldwide, offering a variety of burgers, fries, shakes, and other fast-casual fares.

While Shake Shack’s menu may seem simple at first glance, the chain is constantly innovating and experimenting with new flavors and ingredients. Customers can choose from classic burgers like the ShackBurger and SmokeShack, as well as vegetarian options like the ‘Shroom Burger and the Chick’n Shack.

Of course, with all of these delicious offerings, many customers are curious about Shake Shack’s prices. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Shake Shack menu price list USA, including information on meal combos, sides, and desserts.

Shake Shack Menu Price List USA
Shake Shack Menu

Shake Shack Menu Price List USA($) Updated


Shroom BurgerRegular$9.39
Avocado Bacon BurgerSingle$10.29
Avocado Bacon BurgerDouble$12.99
Bacon CheeseburgerSingle$9.29
Bacon CheeseburgerDouble$12.09
Grilled CheeseRegular$5.19
Shack StackRegular$13.19


Avocado Bacon Chicken$10.59
Buffalo Chicken$9.39
Chicken Bites – 10 pcs$8.79
Chicken Bites – 6 pcs$5.99
Chicken Shack$8.69

Crinkle Cut Fries

Bacon Cheese Fries$6.09
Buffalo Spiced Cheese Fries$5.69
Buffalo Spiced Fries$4.59
Cheese Fries$4.89

Flat-Top Dogs

Hot Dog$4.79

Shakes & Frozen Custard

Black & White Shake$6.49
Chocolate Frozen Custard – Double Scoop$6.29
Chocolate Frozen Custard – Single Scoop$4.89
Chocolate Pie$6.89
Chocolate Shake$6.49
Cookies And Cream Shake$6.49
Strawberry Shake$6.49
Vanilla & Chocolate Frozen Custard – Double Scoop$6.29
Vanilla & Chocolate Frozen Custard – Single Scoop$4.89
Vanilla & Chocolate Shake$6.49
Vanilla Shake$6.49
Wake & Shake$6.89


Coke Zero$3.59$4.09
Diet Coke$3.59$4.09
Dr. Pepper$3.59$4.09
Draft Root Beer$3.79$4.39
Fanta Grape$3.59$4.09
Fanta Orange$3.59$4.09
Fifty/Fifty Kiwi Apple Limeade$4.39$5.29
Fifty/Fifty Spring Citrusade$4.39$5.29
Kiwi Apple Limeade$4.39$5.29
Organic Apple Juice Drink$2.59
Organic Iced Tea$3.59$4.09
Shack20 Water$3.39
Shack-Made Lemonade$3.99$4.89
Spring Citrusade$4.39$5.29

Best Seller Items of Shake Shack

Here are five of the best-selling items on Shake Shack menu:

  • ShackBurger – The ShackBurger is Shake Shack’s classic burger, made with 100% all-natural Angus beef, topped with lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce, all served on a soft potato bun. It’s a simple but delicious burger that’s a favorite among Shake Shack fans.
  • Crinkle-Cut Fries – These thin, crispy fries are the perfect side to any burger or sandwich. They’re cooked to golden perfection and seasoned with just the right amount of salt.
Crinkle-Cut Fries
  • Shroom Burger – This vegetarian burger is made with a crispy fried portobello mushroom filled with melted muenster and cheddar cheese, topped with lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce. It’s a unique and flavorful burger that’s perfect for vegetarians or anyone looking to mix up their usual burger order.
Shroom Burger
  • Chick’n Shack – For those looking for a chicken sandwich, the Chick’n Shack is a must-try. It features a crispy chicken breast topped with lettuce, pickles, and buttermilk herb mayo, all served on a potato bun.
Chick'n Shack
  • Hand-Spun Shakes – Shake Shack is also known for its hand-spun shakes, which come in a variety of flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and seasonal flavors like pumpkin pie. Made with real sugar, milk, and cream, these shakes are thick, creamy, and the perfect sweet treat to end your meal.
Hand-Spun Shakes

Shake Shack Gift Cards

Shake Shack gift cards are the perfect gift for any food lover, whether they’re a Shake Shack regular or have yet to try the chain’s delicious burgers and shakes. Gift cards can be purchased in any denomination of $10 to $300, and they can be used to purchase anything on the Shake Shack menu, including burgers, fries, shakes, and more.

Shake Shack Gift Cards

Gift cards can be purchased in person at any Shake Shack location, or online through the Shake Shack website. When purchasing a gift card online, customers can choose from a variety of designs and customize their gift message for the recipient.

Shake Shack gift cards never expire, so they can be used at any time. They also come with a balance guarantee, meaning that if the gift card is lost, stolen, or damaged, the remaining balance can be transferred to a new card.

In addition to individual gift cards, Shake Shack also offers corporate gift cards for businesses looking to reward their employees or clients with a tasty treat. These can be customized with the company’s logo and purchased in bulk.

How to Order from Shake Shack

To order from Shake Shack, there are three methods you can choose from:

  1. From the Shake Shack website:
  • Go to and select the location you want to order from.
  • Browse the menu, customize your order, and proceed to checkout.
  • Enter your payment information and any special instructions, then submit your order.
  1. From the Shake Shack app:
  • Download the Shake Shack app from the App Store or Google Play, create an account, and log in.
  • Choose the location you want to order from, browse the menu, customize your order, and proceed to checkout.
  • Enter your payment information and any special instructions, then submit your order.
  1. From third-party delivery services:
  • Open the UberEats, DoorDash, or Grubhub website or app and search for Shake Shack.
  • Select the location you want to order from, browse the menu, customize your order, and proceed to checkout.
  • Enter your payment information and any special instructions, then submit your order.

After placing your order, you’ll receive an estimated delivery or pick-up time depending on the method you chose. Simply wait for your food to arrive or head to the Shake Shack location you selected to pick up your order.

Career Opportunities at Shake Shack

Shake Shack offers various career opportunities for individuals interested in working in the restaurant industry. Some of the job positions available at Shake Shack include:

  • Team Member: Responsible for providing excellent customer service, preparing food, and maintaining the cleanliness of the restaurant.
  • Shift Manager: Responsible for supervising the team members during a shift, managing the restaurant operations, and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • General Manager: Responsible for overseeing the overall operations of the restaurant, managing the team, and ensuring that the restaurant meets its financial goals.
  • Corporate Positions: Shake Shack also offers various corporate positions in areas such as marketing, finance, human resources, and operations.

To apply for a job at Shake Shack, interested individuals can visit the Shake Shack website and click on the “Careers” tab. There, they can browse the available job positions and submit an online application. Shake Shack also offers training and development programs to help team members grow and advance in their careers.

Shack Truck

The Shack Truck is Shake Shack’s mobile kitchen and catering service, which brings the Shake Shack experience directly to events and locations across the United States. The Shack Truck serves up the same classic Shake Shack menu items, including burgers, fries, and frozen custard, using the freshest ingredients and the same high-quality standards as in the restaurant locations.

The Shack Truck is available for private events, corporate gatherings, weddings, and other special occasions. The truck can be customized to fit the needs of each event, with customizable menu options and branding opportunities.

In addition to the Shack Truck, Shake Shack also offers catering services through its restaurant locations, allowing customers to order food for pickup or delivery for their events.

The Shack Truck and catering services are part of Shake Shack’s commitment to providing high-quality, customizable food options to its customers, while also offering a unique and memorable experience. Whether it’s for a small gathering or a large event, the Shack Truck and catering services bring the Shake Shack experience directly to customers, no matter where they are.

How Shake Shack was Started

Shake Shack was started in 2004 as a small hot dog stand in Madison Square Park, New York City. The stand was created by Danny Meyer, the founder of the Union Square Hospitality Group, as a way to support the Madison Square Park Conservancy’s first art installation.

The hot dog stand quickly became popular and gained a loyal following. The following year, Shake Shack began serving burgers and fries, and by 2008, Shake Shack had expanded to multiple locations across New York City.

In 2014, Shake Shack went public and began expanding rapidly across the United States and internationally, with locations in countries such as Japan, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. Shake Shack has since become known for its high-quality ingredients, modern and sleek design, and commitment to sustainability.

Despite its growth, Shake Shack has remained committed to its roots as a community-focused establishment. Shake Shack continues to work with local organizations and charities to support the communities it serves, and the company is also committed to sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices.


Are Shake Shack’s menu prices the same at all locations in the USA?

While Shake Shack’s menu prices are generally consistent across its locations in the USA, there may be slight variations based on regional differences and local taxes.

Does Shake Shack offer any vegetarian or vegan options on its menu?

Yes, Shake Shack offers several vegetarian and vegan options, including the ‘Shroom Burger, a portobello mushroom burger, and the Veggie Shack, a vegetarian burger made with black beans, brown rice, and roasted beets.

Can I customize my order at Shake Shack?

Yes, Shake Shack allows customers to customize their orders to their preferences. You can add or remove ingredients, change the size of your burger or fries, and even create your own milkshake flavor.

Does Shake Shack offer any gluten-free options on its menu?

While Shake Shack does not have a dedicated gluten-free menu, some of its items are gluten-free, such as the fries and the ShackBurger without the bun. However, customers with gluten allergies should be aware that cross-contamination may occur in the kitchen.

Does Shake Shack offer any special deals or promotions on its menu items?

Shake Shack occasionally offers limited-time menu items and promotions, such as discounts or special flavors of its frozen custard. Customers can stay up-to-date on these promotions by following Shake Shack on social media, website, or app.

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